Episode 7.12 : 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : March 02, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Olivia Taylor still wants to go see her father in the hospital. Aaron Pierce persuades her to stay put at the White House, as her mother, the President, has ordered this for her own safety. Meanwhile, the President plans to tell the public the truth about a second attack that is looming. Larry calls and tells her that Juma's involved and that he's lost contact with Renee.

Renee climbs out of the Potomac. She finds a park ranger and tells him to call and report an imminent terrorist attack at the White House, but the ranger is cut down by bullets from Laurent's gun. Renee flees, Laurent in pursuit. Meanwhile, in a holding cell, Jack pleads with Bill Buchanan to torture Burnett until he talks. Bill is sorry, but he just can't do that.

With the help of an inside man, Juma and his men break into the White House. They shoot down a detail of Secret Service. With nine minutes until the next Secret Service roll call, they must find the President.

Laurent catches up with Renee, who tells him that his father is dead by Juma's hand. Laurent doesn't believe her. Just as he's about to strangle her to death, he's shot dead by Larry and the FBI men who have finally arrived. Renee says that she knows Juma's target.

Back at the White House, Jack is in handcuffs as Bill leads him away. Larry calls to inform Bill that the White House is the target. Bill immediately uncuffs Jack and tells him to do exactly as he says. As Juma and his men kill the President's press secretary, Secret Service agents inform the President that the White House is under attack. They spirit her away to lockdown, meeting up with Jack and Bill on the way. Bill takes the President's tracker in order to draw Juma away from her while Jack and the other agents continue to head for lockdown. Juma quickly finds and captures Bill, realizing that he's been tricked.

Jack and the President make it to the lockdown room just as Juma is catching up with them. The President orders Jack not to close the door until her daughter can join them, but it's too late and the security doors close. Aaron Pierce will have to find another way out of the building with Olivia. Suddenly, the phone cuts out -- Juma has blocked all communication in and out of lockdown. The Secret Service, led by Agent Hovis, are bearing down on Juma's men, but Juma bluffs that he's captured the President and will kill her if they don't back off. Hovis has no choice but to call off his men. Juma then has his men fan out to take hostages and seal off the exits.

As he hides with Olivia in an air vent, Aaron Pierce realizes that Juma must be bluffing. They have to find a way to get word to Hovis as soon as possible for his men to retake the building. Juma's number two and tech support, Ngozi, says that if the specifications they got from Hodges are correct, it will take him about ten to fifteen minutes to get through the doors of the lockdown room.

Larry and Agent Hovis brief each other on the situation. Hovis' men can move in at any time, but the order must now come from the Vice President. Meanwhile, the hostages, including Bill and Senator Mayer, are rounded up. Jack and the President scan the faces on a closed circuit monitor for Olivia, but she's not there. Jack realizes that Juma must have had inside help and that Juma is on a suicide mission.

Ngozi tries to break the lockdown door's access code but Jack shorts out the lock. Explosives will take too long, so Juma must find another way in. He calls Jonas Hodges of Starkwood, who had provided the codes and other information he needed to infiltrate the White House. Hodges isn't going to help, but Juma says that Hodges won't get his shipment if he doesn't find Juma another way in. Hodges tells him to find Olivia Taylor in order to pressure the President.

Larry and Renee urge Vice President Hayworth to give Hovis clearance to retake the building, but he won't act until he is absolutely certain that the President is safe. As Juma's men search the hostages for Olivia, she and Aaron see that there's no way out. Aaron says he can at least get a signal out from the windows upstairs in the Residence. He wants to leave Olivia in a secure place but she insists on coming with him. En route to the Residence, Aaron is shot. He sends Olivia to a window to flash Morse code with a flashlight, but both she and Aaron are captured.

Ngozi finds a fiber-optic camera in the chandelier. He brings Olivia to the camera and tells the President that if she doesn't open the door, he will kill Olivia slowly, carving her up piece by piece. The President wants Jack to open the door. Jack protests. She asks him if he could stand by if his own daughter was being butchered. He says that he couldn't, but he's not the President of the United States. She orders him to open the door.

Just as Juma is about to cut out Olivia's eyes, the door opens. Jack is led to sit with the other hostages. The President asks Juma to release the hostages now that he has her. Juma slaps her hard across the face and tells her that she doesn't give orders. As he leaves, Juma commands Udo to get the camera ready for the President's statement. This will be the last statement she will ever make.






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