24 Episode 4.11 Day 4: 5:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M.
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24 Episode 4.11 Day 4: 5:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M.

Episode Premiere
Feb 28, 2005
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Production Company
Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Feb 28, 2005
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
2001 - 2010
Production Co
Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
Fox TV
Official Site
Jon Cassar
Joel Surnow, Michael Loceff
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Richard Marcus
  • Nadine Ellis
  • Diego Serrano
  • Brandon Barash
  • Mauricio Mendoza
  • Dariush Kashani

5:00 P.M.

With his name on many leases among numerous corporations, Paul tells Jack that he is not affiliated with the terrorists. Jack isn't sure of the truth, and he cuts the electrical cord from a lamp to shock Paul. Audrey is horrified. Paul finally says that he doesn't know the address that Jack is referring to but that his records are on his laptop.

5:06 P.M.

Marwan arrives at the Rockland Building where Powell's office is located. One of his compatriots named Ali sends Marwan to his desk at IDS Systems. Ali has been working there and his co-workers are unsuspecting.

5:08 P.M.

In an abandoned floor of the building, Curtis is unconscious after being tortured. Ali instructs his henchmen to kill Curtis. The men unchain Curtis's limp body and carry him. Curtis was only faking, and kills them with his bare hands. He takes their guns and walks out into the building. The doors are all locked by security codes.

5:09 P.M.

Paul uncovers his computer files on Galaxy Financial Services, which was taken over by someone named Harris Barnes. Paul doesn't remember who the man is because his attorneys handled the sale. Jack has Sarah look up Barnes' identity, and she finds that the name is an alias. It was most recently used by someone named Habib Marwan. Marianne had given CTU the same name. Sarah gives Jack the address of the Rockland Building where Curtis took Marianne.

5:16 P.M.

Sarah reports to Driscoll that she hasn't been able to reach Curtis or his team. Tony interrogates Dina and, after threatening to hurt Behrooz, she gives up a few names. He asks her about Marwan. Dina says he is an engineer but that she doesn't know who he is.

5:19 P.M.

Sarah rings Curtis again. At the office building, Ali sees Curtis' cell phone ring but doesn't answer it. One of the henchmen finds his gunmen dead, and he calls Ali. They know that Curtis is still on the floor because the doors are armed. Ali notifies Marwan, who instructs him to disconnect all hard lines so that Curtis cannot call CTU. Curtis watches as Ali pulls the phone lines from the wall.

5:20 P.M.

Driscoll is summoned to the clinic, where Maya is fighting with the doctor. Driscoll tries to calm her daughter down, but Maya is angry that Driscoll put her work first.

5:22 P.M.

Sarah lets Jack know about Curtis, and Jack is sure he must be in trouble. Yet they don't even know if Marwan is at the building. Audrey wonders why Paul was used as a link to her and Heller when he didn't even know they were in Los Angeles. Paul apologizes to Audrey, devastated by what he may have done. Audrey touches Paul's shoulder tenderly. Jack notices the moment between them.

5:28 P.M.

Tony finds that all the names Dina supplied are mid-level cell members who have a connection to Marwan. Driscoll gives him permission to go further with the interrogation.

5:29 P.M.

Dina doesn't budge when Tony has all audio and video disconnected from the interrogation room. He physically pushes Dina into the outer room to witness him order all the techies out. Tony threatens to put Behrooz in jail because the President's pardon is non-binding. He convinces her that prison is so awful that Behrooz will want to commit suicide there. Dina relents, and says that Marwan is the man her cell reported to in the United States. She has no idea about other cells. Dina says that Marwan has the Override device and is at the Rockland Building.

5:32 P.M.

Tony tells Driscoll what Dina confirmed. He calls Jack with this information and says they have about twenty minutes until the next meltdown.

5:33 P.M.

Marwan comes down to the floor where Ali is because he is worried about Curtis's disappearance.

5:34 P.M.

Curtis comes upon one of the henchmen and takes his gun and phone. He gets the man to reveal that Marwan has the Override upstairs. Curtis calls Sarah with the phone and tells her that Marianne is dead. She says that Jack is on his way there.

5:36 P.M.

Jack arrives at the Rockland Building, and he has Audrey and Paul wait with a security detail. Curtis calls Jack and tells him that he has an access card. Curtis instructs him to take the main elevator. Jack preps to go in. "I'll be right back," he tells Audrey reassuringly.

5:41 P.M.

Driscoll briefs Heller on the raid, and they call the President. Driscoll says that once they find the Override, they will need to manually re-program the reactors. Driscoll is interrupted by a call from the doctor in the clinic. The doctor wants to move the unstable Maya to a private hospital.

5:43 P.M.

Driscoll arrives at the clinic to find Maya out of control. Driscoll tries being firm with her, but Maya insists that she just wants to go home. Driscoll says she needs to finish her work first.

5:45 P.M.

Jack and a team of agents ride the elevator up and meet Curtis. Jack doesn't want backup to tip them off. Curtis informs them that a company called IDS is on the floor where Marwan is. Jack surmises that the cell infiltrated a sleeper inside the company and is using their servers to download the virus to the power plants. Jack and Curtis go up the stairs to IDS and find a sea of cubicles and workers. They have no idea which one is Marwan.

5:52 P.M.

Jack and Curtis attempt to blend in on the busy floor as they search for Marwan. Jack sees a likely suspect and motions to Curtis. They move in, but the guy is merely playing solitaire on his computer.

5:54 P.M.

Ali sees the CTU agents on his floor and he rushes out. He quickly calls Marwan and tells him that they've been discovered. The agents run after Ali and fire. Marwan hears the gunshots over the phone. Marwan grabs his gun, and looks around suspiciously. Jack notices this, and he approaches Marwan's desk. Marwan sees him and fires his gun in the air. The office workers scream and flee. Marwan runs out and Curtis grabs the Override device. Jack takes off after Marwan.

5:56 P.M.

Curtis calls Edgar, who tries to give him commands to alter the device. Edgar does what he can on his end. A staff member interrupts Driscoll with an urgent message from the clinic, but she tells them to wait. The reactors finally respond and begin to retreat on meltdowns. Heller and the CTU staff cheer for Edgar.

5:58 P.M.

Driscoll excuses herself and hurries to the clinic. She finds Maya dead on the ground. Blood seeps from Maya's wrists and a broken piece of mirror is in her hands.

5:59 P.M.

Jack pursues Marwan throughout the hallways, and he radios to Agent Solarz. Jack finds a CTU agent's body on the ground. The man's uniform has been removed. Jack radios to the team that Marwan is impersonating a CTU officer. Solarz turns to the agent behind him, but it is Marwan wearing the helmet and vest. Marwan shoots Solarz.