Episode 4.02 : Day 4: 8:00 A.M.-9:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : January 09, 2005
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

8:00 A.M.

Police arrive at the blast scene outside Richard Heller's house. They find him curled up in a corner, crying."They took my father and my sister," he tells them.

8:01 A.M.

Heller and Audrey are transferred to another van. They are bound and blindfolded.

8:02 A.M.

Driscoll informs her staff of Heller's abduction. Chloe proceeds to shift CTU's focus from the train bomb to the kidnapping. As Jack tries to work the phones to get Secret Service involved, Driscoll has him arrested for torturing a suspect.

8:05 A.M.

eeler phones Driscoll to inquire about Heller. He plans to elevate the terror threat level.

8:06 A.M.

As he flees on his bike, Andrew calls his mother and warns her to get out of the house. He tells her about the killings in his office. She doesn't see an armed man named Kalil watching her from the window.

8:07 A.M.

Chloe goes to see the detained Jack with information that might help Heller because she doesn't trust Driscoll. Chloe's friend found damaging code on the web that originated in Turkey.

8:08 A.M.

At Union Station, Andrew sees a news report on Heller's kidnapping. Chloe calls his cell phone and he tells her about the murders in his office. Jack cuts in to let Andrew know he might be targeted by the same people who took Heller. He promises Andrew that he will come get him at the station. Meanwhile, from the Paige house, Kalil has tapped into Andrew's cell phone and has listened to the entire conversation. He takes a photo of Andrew from the mantle and steps over the dead body of Andrew's mother.

8:10 A.M.

Kalil calls Navi Araz with news about the person who compromised their server. Navi instructs Kalil to kill that person.

8:11 A.M.

The briefcase from the train explosion contains a device. Dina offers to deliver it instead of Behrooz. Navi insists that they stay on course, and that a teenager won't arouse suspicion. Dina agrees.

8:12 A.M.

Jack chides Driscoll for abandoning an active CTU investigation of Andrew Paige's claims during a terrorist threat. Andrew's co-workers are all dead, so it must be connected. Jack is the only one who knows where Andrew is and he asks to be reinstated. He threatens to tell the President that Driscoll couldn't break Sherak without him. Driscoll allows Jack to work as an auxiliary agent under the authority of field ops director Ronnie Lobell. After that, Jack will be turned over to Division.

8:19 A.M.

Audrey and Heller are taken from the van to an underground compound. Their blindfolds and gags are removed. Heller whispers to his daughter to be cooperative. A man named Omar enters and his henchman asks if they should kill the woman. Audrey screams for her father and Heller threatens Omar to leave her alone. Omar opts to wait because they might be able to use Audrey for some leverage.

8:22 A.M.

Jack asks Chloe to update him while he goes for Andrew. Meanwhile, Ronnie Lobell is furious that Jack was released. He reluctantly accepts Driscoll's order to keep tabs on him.

8:23 A.M.

Behrooz prepares to leave with the briefcase and Dina warns him to be careful. Before he can depart, the phone rings. A girl named Debbie asks Behrooz why he is avoiding her and if he is seeing someone else. Behrooz cuts her off without explanation. He tells his mother that he will deal with Debbie later.

8:25 A.M.

Driscoll summons Chloe and asks why she turned to Jack. Driscoll questions why she didn't pick up the internet lead after they captured Sherak. Chloe admits that she does feel that she does have more trust in Jack.

8:27 A.M.

As they prepare to depart CTU, Ronnie tells Jack that he doesn't agree with Driscoll's decision to release him."If you try to exceed my authority again, I will stop you cold," Ronnie warns.

8:31 A.M.

From Ronnie's car, Jack phones his office at the Defense Department. Ronnie smugly asks about work in D.C., and Jack says that he needed to get out of the field in order to have a life again.

8:33 A.M.

Audrey and Heller wait in a caged cell. He mentions that if Jack tried to warn her about this before they were abducted then their chance for survival is good because there must be some kind of source. Heller tries to make Audrey feel better. Just then, the henchmen come in and demand Heller to undress. He refuses. They forcibly remove his clothes.

8:35 A.M.

Behrooz arrives at the compound. He hands the briefcase over. When he returns to his car, he sees that he has been followed by Debbie. He tells her that she shouldn't be there, and explains that his parents have a problem with them seeing each other because she is not Muslim. Behrooz promises to get together with her later, and kisses her goodbye. Omar's henchman sees all this.

8:42 A.M.

Curtis submits Richard Heller to a lie detector while he is questioned. Richard is angry that he's being treated like a criminal when they should be finding his father and sister. From a remote screen, Sarah tells Driscoll that Richard is telling the truth so far.

8:44 A.M.

Behrooz returns home. Navi slaps him because it was reported that he was seen with a girl at the compound. Despite Behrooz's claims that Debbie didn't see anything, Navi is angry that their scheme might be compromised. They have lived in America for almost five years planning this. Navi orders his son to call Debbie to the house.

8:46 A.M.

Jack and Ronnie are met at Union Station by MTA police. Meanwhile, Chloe calls Andrew to say that the agents are on-site. Andrew hangs up and is met by Kalil, who claims to be Jack Bauer. Kalil takes him away. Jack and Ronnie go to the meeting point, but Andrew is gone. Jack calls Andrew's cell phone, and Andrew is alarmed to hear Jack's voice. Kalil grabs the phone and puts a gun to Andrew's chest. Jack knows that the terrorists got to Andrew first, and he alerts the authorities to look for him at the station.

8:53 A.M.

One of the MTA officers sees Kalil taking Andrew out of the station to car. Kalil tapes Andrew's mouth shut and drives off.

8:54 A.M.

Kalil is stopped by construction as he tries to leave the lot. Jack and Ronnie rush out and spot the car. Ronnie is ready to raid, but Jack would rather follow the car because it might lead them to Heller. As Kalil is about to escape, Ronnie pulls rank as the field ops head and calls Driscoll to back himself up. Before Ronnie can place the call, Jack throws a punch at him. Ronnie knocks Jack down and handcuffs him to a railing. Ronnie radios the cops to pull over the car.

8:56 A.M.

Ronnie approaches the car, and Kalil shoots him. Jack is helplessly chained to the rail as Kalil escapes. He calls out for Ronnie to toss him the keys. Ronnie weakly hands them over and Jack frees himself. Ronnie dies. Jack grabs his gun and takes off in Ronnie's car, looking for Kalil.

8:58 A.M.

Everyone at CTU watches a webcast signal that is being pushed out over the internet. The terrorists have broadcast a streaming video of a bound Heller in front of masked and armed men. Arabic letters are on the banner above. One of the men is Omar, who announces that Heller will be tried for war crimes and executed if found guilty."Because we have nothing to hide, the world will have full access to these proceedings," Omar says.






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