Episode 3.23 : Day 3: 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : May 18, 2004
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

11:00 A.M.

At the Sixth Street Bridge, Saunders tells Jack that the eleven other vials are being held by men instructed to release the virus at noon. They cannot be called off. Saunders will give him their locations only if he receives a guarantee from President Palmer that he will be allowed to escape freely to North Africa.

11:05 A.M.

CTU agents take Tony into custody. Jack promises that he will do what he can for him.

11:06 A.M.

Jack asks Jane Saunders to try to convince her father to stop the virus.

11:07 A.M.

Jane approaches Saunders and begs him to prevent people dying from the virus. Saunders knows CTU is trying to manipulate him, and he explains to Jane that what he is doing will better the world. Saunders will not relent, and Jane breaks down in tears. Jack watches her run off.

11:09 A.M.

Palmer phones Sherry and offers her a "seat at his table." He asks to meet her in person. Palmer hangs up and calls Wayne, who is outside Sherry's house. Palmer will distract Sherry as Wayne looks for the incriminating prescription bottle.

11:10 A.M.

Jack and Saunders arrive at the Chandler Plaza Hotel via helicopter. Jack shows him the body bags full of innocent victims. Saunders is unmoved. Jack summons Chase to bring out Jane from a second helicopter. Jack threatens to send Jane into the infected hotel if Saunders does not give him information on finding the other vials. Saunders believes that Jack would not harm the girl, but Jack gives the order for Chase to send her into the building. Jane cries out for her father, and Jack warns Saunders that he will watch his own daughter die. Saunders finally gives up and says he will comply. Saunders tells Jack that the vials are tagged with GPS codes so that they can be tracked. He has memorized all eleven locator codes. Jane is removed from the hotel entrance before she can be infected.

11:18 A.M.

With the GPS signals traced, CTU has ten of the eleven vials in their sights. Saunders confirms that the missing vial is in Los Angeles, and the courier was instructed to release the virus in a public place that would ensure the maximum number of casualties. Saunders only knows the man by an alias, Arthur Rabens. Jack has Chase bring Saunders back to CTU to work with a sketch artist to get a description of the courier. Jane is to stay at the hotel site.

11:19 A.M.

Jack phones Adam and has him search for aliases of Rabens. Adam puts Tony's replacement, Brad Hammond, on the line. Jack brings Hammond up to speed and asks him to be lenient on Tony. Hammond refuses. Jack compares Tony's current situation to what he went through a few years ago. Jack had gone rogue to save his family who were captured by Victor Drazen. It was Tony who worked with Jack and Gael to set up this operation this past year, and Tony should now be used as an asset on the case. Hammond is not swayed by Jack's argument.

11:21 A.M.

Everyone watches silently as Tony is escorted into CTU in handcuffs. He is locked in a holding room. Hammond tells Tony that his act of treason is punishable by the death penalty. His best possible outcome is twenty years in prison. This fact sobers Tony.

11:23 A.M.

As Wayne and Foxton wait for Sherry to leave her house, Wayne's phone rings. It's Julia Milliken, who is upset because the police are coming to arrest her for her husband's murder. She is distraught, knowing the President lied to protect Sherry. Julia begs Wayne for help, but he is distracted when Sherry gets in her car and pulls away. He hangs up on Julia.

11:24 A.M.

Wayne and Foxton break into Sherry's house. "I'm Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, and I'm committing a burglary," Wayne says to himself.

11:25 A.M.

Jack and Chase watch a video feed as the first of the ten located couriers is taken down. The vial of virus is successfully apprehended.

11:30 A.M.

Wayne and Foxton can't find the prescription bottle in Sherry's house.

11:31 A.M.

Sherry meets with Palmer, and he offers her a job as a high-level consultant at the White House. Sherry is angry because what she wants is to be his First Lady again. Surprisingly, Palmer readily agrees. Sherry becomes suspicious, and accuses Palmer of having other motives. She says she is going to help Keeler instead, and leaves.

11:36 A.M.

Palmer phones Wayne with a warning that Sherry is on her way back. Foxton finds a hidden cellar with a safe. He calls a contact that may have a manufacturer override code for it.

11:37 A.M.

Chase lets Jack know that two more of Saunders's men with the virus vials were apprehended, but a third courier in Denver was making a phone call when he was killed. Chloe confirms that Rabens is in Los Angeles and is on the move. Jack and Chase head toward him.

11:42 A.M.

Michelle asks Hammond why she is being denied access to Tony. She finds out for the first time that Tony hindered the investigation by allowing Saunders to escape. She's stunned.

11:43 A.M.

CTU intercepts all the other ten couriers. Chloe leads Jack and Chase as they follow Rabens. According to the tracking, they are directly behind the target. Neither Jack nor Chase sees a car. Jack realizes that Rabens is in the subway underground. Chloe accesses the metro system, but Jack does not want the train stopped because it will tip Rabens off. He asks her to have both an undercover team and a Hazmat team in place.

11:44 A.M.

Foxton's contact walks him through the steps to open the safe. Wayne hears Sherry return home. Foxton finally gets the safe open but there's no medicine bottle inside. Despite the impending danger of them being caught, Foxton refuses to leave empty-handed. Sherry sees Wayne in her house and accuses him of doing the President's dirty work. Foxton leaps out from behind a wall and knocks Sherry out. He finds the evidence bottle taped to the small of her back.

11:52 A.M.

Jack, Chase and a throng of agents enter the subway station. When they are in position, Chloe has the train released to arrive. Rabens's vague description is fed to the agents over their earwigs.

11:53 A.M.

Chloe alerts the agents that the target is moving off the train and is headed up the stairs out of the underground station. Chase follows, but doesn't know which man it is. Jack narrows it down to four men. When Chloe notes that Rabens has stopped, Jack sees a man looking at the subway map.

11:56 A.M.

Jack gives the order to the agents, and he kicks the man down at the subway map. Chase sweeps the man's shopping bag with a wand and discovers the transmitter is inside a pack of cigarettes. The man claims he doesn't smoke. Rabens was on to them, and he slipped the transmitter into another passenger's bag. Jack radios for the station to be locked down.

11:57 A.M.

Wayne and Foxton run out of Sherry's house. Suddenly, Julia pulls up. Wayne goes back to follow her. Julia goes in just as Sherry is regaining her consciousness. Julia threatens to shoot Sherry because she has been accused of murdering her husband. Wayne enters and pleads with Julia to put the gun down. Sherry says that she can get the President to pardon Julia so that she never spends a day in jail. Although the argument seems persuasive, Julia plugs two shots into Sherry and kills her. Julia then turns the gun on herself and takes her own life. Tears rush down Wayne's cheeks as he cradles Julia's dead body.

11:59 A.M.

Chase reports to Jack that everyone who has exited the subway is still detained in the station. Jack orders him to start searching the trains. They can't let Rabens get away.






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