Episode 3.20 : Day 3: 8:00 A.M.-9:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : April 27, 2004
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

8:00 A.M.

Adam briefs the CTU staff about two new symptomatic patients discovered in the city. This means that there are more quarantined areas. Tony reiterates how serious the situation has become and how everyone needs to stay on track. The mission has switched from prevention to containment.

8:02 A.M.

Jack checks on Kim, who's still a bit shaken from shooting the bad guy. Agent Forrester lets Jack know that Jane Saunders can now be questioned.

8:03 A.M.

The President learns that Saunders's daughter has been captured and that CTU wants to use her to find him. Although he is supposed to provide Saunders a list of foreign operatives in 15 minutes, Palmer wants to wait until Jack comes up with something before he hands over that list.

8:04 A.M.

Jack tries to convince Jane that her father is a terrorist fighting against the federal government. Jack once worked with Saunders, and he knows he is a good man. "But something's happened to him,"Jack says.

8:06 A.M.

Saunders is informed that CTU is trying to access his location from the website address, but they are only hitting dead ends.

8:07 A.M.

Jack shows Jane photos from his mission in Kosovo with Saunders. Although Saunders told Jane's mother that they went on a fact-finding mission, they were really there to kill Victor Drazen. The U.S. and British governments thought that Saunders had died when they blasted Drazen's hideout. Jane says that her father told her she couldn't tell anyone that he was alive. Jack then shows Jane more recent photos of Saunders with arms dealers and biological weapons manufacturers. He plays an audio file of Saunders threatening the President about releasing the virus. Jack runs a live feed from the Chandler Plaza Hotel to prove to Jane that many people are already dying from the virus. He begs Jane to help him stop this. She gives Jack a phone number that Saunders provided her in emergencies.

8:09 A.M.

Dr. Sunny Macer tells Michelle that her lab results have come in.

8:14 A.M.

Secret Service Agent Pierce informs the President that Los Angeles is not safe. The bureau is invoking an order to remove him from the state for his own protection. Palmer asks Pierce for help in allowing him to remain in the city. He wants the people to know that their President stood by them in this crisis.

8:17 A.M.

Tony and Jack tell the President that there is no way to immediately get to Saunders. Palmer decides not to give in to Saunders's demands again. This forces Jack to use Jane as a hostage in hopes that Saunders will give up. Jack tells Jane that she must contact her father and keep him on the line so that they can trace the call.

8:19 A.M.

When no list arrives from Palmer, Saunders calls one of his men to release the virus in San Francisco. Suddenly, a cell phone rings and Saunders recognizes it as his daughter's line. He tells his man to wait. Saunders picks up, and Jane tells him that she is scared. Saunders's henchman sees that the call from Jane is being monitored. Agent Forrester also knows that their trace has been discovered and she warns Jack. Saunders asks his daughter to put Jack Bauer on the phone. Saunders reminds Jack of the virus he has in his possession. "You know what I'm capable of too,"Jack says, threatening Saunders about his interrogation tactics.

8:21 A.M.

Adam and Chloe successfully trace the call and find a location for Saunders. Tony sends Chase's team out. Jack orders Kim to accompany Jane back to CTU. He is taking a chopper to Saunders.

8:27 A.M.

Michelle calls Tony to let him know that her test shows she is not infected and has immunity to the virus. Tony is overcome with emotion because they both escaped death today. Michelle is being taken downtown by NHS as a precaution.

8:30 A.M.

Palmer addresses the gathered press about the virus, and asks them to convey to the public that the best defense against the virus is to stay home.

8:32 A.M.

Jack calls Chase as they both head to Saunders. Jack believes Saunders doesn't yet know they have a lock on his location. Via satellite, Adam tracks anyone coming in or out of Saunders's building.

8:33 A.M.

Saunders knows that CTU has him spotted. He thinks it will be easier to escape when there are more agents surrounding them. Saunders's henchman is afraid and he goes to leave, but Saunders shoots him dead. Saunders looks out the window and sees nothing unusual. He calls another one of his men and asks if "she has left yet."The man says no. Saunders orders him to stay on the mystery woman.

8:34 A.M.

In Santa Barbara, Kim loads Jane into a car headed back to Los Angeles. Kim sees a group of people watching them.

8:39 A.M.

In the car, Kim tells Jane that Saunders has been keeping tabs on her all these years he was missing.

8:41 A.M.

Adam fills Jack in that no one suspicious has left Saunders's building. Chloe alerts Tony that one of the victims who tested positive for the virus is Adam's sister. She doesn't want Adam to know because it will affect his work. Tony ignores her plea and gives Adam the bad news. He allows Adam to call his sister, but asks him to stay on until the crisis passes.

8:44 A.M.

Saunders tells a man on the phone that he knows he is surrounded. His plan is to wait for Jack to show up.

8:45 A.M.

Jack arrives at the scene, and Chase brings him up to speed on the snipers in place around the building. Jack is sure that Saunders is still in place and knows that they are there. The team gets ready. Jack calls out to Saunders on a bullhorn and lets him know that the President will no longer give in to his demands. Jack says that since they have his daughter hostage, his only option is to surrender. "That's not exactly true, Jack,"Saunders whispers to himself.

8:47 A.M.

Kim and Jane's car stops at a train crossing. A man in a black helmet on a motorcycle pulls up beside them. He turns and looks at Kim.

8:52 A.M.

Michelle is loaded into a van with the other immune people from the hotel.

8:53 A.M.

Chloe tells Tony that Adam messed up the satellite feed, and it was from being under duress because of his sister. Adam says he did nothing wrong, but then realizes that Chloe is right. Tony lets Adam go back to work.

8:54 A.M.

As the CTU agents lie in wait, Saunders calls Jack on his cell phone. He refuses to come outside and wants Jack to come in instead. Saunders says he needs a few minutes to think things over and hangs up. Chase gets confirmation that Saunders is still in the building. Saunders gets a call from one of his men with news that some task has been completed. Saunders then mysteriously phones Tony at CTU and gives him a web socket number. Tony opens the socket and sees video of Michelle being restrained in the back of a van. Saunders warns him that Michelle will be dead in fifteen seconds if he doesn't comply with his request. Saunders wants Tony to order the teams on site to the front entrance. When Tony doesn't comply, Saunders tells his man to take Michelle's eye out. Tony sees the knife come up to Michelle's face on the video. He agrees to do what Saunders asks.

8:58 A.M.

Tony radios the team leader on the site. He tells him to "code nine"and move every man on site to the front of the building. The agents go into action. Saunders sees the snipers move off. He walks out the back entrance unnoticed.






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