Episode 3.15 : Day 3: 3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : February 24, 2004
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

3:00 A.M.

Tony and Michelle wonder whether Jack shot Nina only out of vengeance. Tony doesn't think Jack would have risked the mission.

3:01 A.M.

Chappelle enters the transformer room where Nina's body lies dead on the ground. He angrily questions Jack about what happened. Chappelle takes Jack to review the video surveillance that would confirm he was only defending himself. Chase comes in to comfort Kim. Kim didn't witness her father in self-defense against Nina because he made her leave the room.

3:04 A.M.

In the seedy night club, Amador lets a man named Saunders come into the back room. As Saunders takes the vials filled with the virus, Amador questions why he chose a limited target and not a large one that could inflict the most casualties. Saunders explains that this was not his objective. He only wants to send a message.

3:05 A.M.

Tony lets the rest of the CTU staff know that Jack killed Nina when she tried to escape. He instructs them to widen their search for Amador now that there is new information about detonating devices stolen from Russia. Tony believes that Amador and Alvers will use these devices to disseminate the virus.

3:06 A.M.

Saunders shows Amador and Alvers how to work the detonating device. Saunders belittles how Amador could trust that Jack Bauer would turn against CTU. He accuses Amador of being greedy and almost ruining the mission. Saunders only gives Amador and Alvers half of the $200 million they were to be paid because of the screw up in Mexico. They will receive the balance after they hit the hotel with the virus.

3:08 A.M.

Chloe finds that one of Amador's bank accounts had been activated from a local server only a few minutes ago. Kim and Adam work on tagging the location.

3:09 A.M.

Chappelle reviews the security footage, and Jack insists that he shot Nina because she was reaching for her gun. Chappelle accuses Jack of standing in front of the camera to obscure any visual record of what really happened. Although Jack is angry that Nina was released after killing his wife, he only tried to prevent her from shooting at Kim. Chase interrupts their argument to inform them that they have a live lead on Amador and the virus. Jack prepares to go out into the field, but Chappelle stops him because Jack is the subject of an internal investigation. Both Jack and Chase convince Chappelle that Jack is needed on the case. Chappelle reluctantly lets him leave.

3:15 A.M.

Julia calls Wayne because the police are questioning her housekeeper. He tells her that she is innocent. Palmer comes in and Wayne hangs up with Julia. He lies to Palmer and says that he hasn't yet spoken to Julia. Wayne advises the President that they should stay far away from Milliken's death because it will look like Palmer was involved.

3:18 A.M.

As Jack loads the truck with Chase, Kim approaches him. She gets assurance from Jack that he was forced to kill Nina because she was a threat to them.

3:19 A.M.

Wayne confronts Sherry about Milliken's death. He knows that she prevented Julia from giving Milliken his medication. Sherry believes she was only cleaning up Wayne's mess. "Complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions," she says. Sherry convinces Wayne that they need to handle this without Palmer's knowledge. As long as Julia keeps her mouth shut, the two of them will be able to cover it up.

3:21 A.M.

A police detective comes to speak with Julia, and says that the maid heard a car in the driveway. She thought she saw a light-colored Mercedes. Detective Norris then questions the fact that the security system was shut down an hour before Milliken's death. Julia claims she doesn't know anything about this. Although Milliken was sick, the detective is starting to think someone may have helped him die.

3:23 A.M.

As Adam tracks the location of Amador's account access, Kim delivers the coordinates to Chase over the phone. He is driving with Jack, who thanks him for urging Chappelle to let him stay on the case. Jack asks if Chase spoke to Kim about his baby. Chase says that Kim is handling it fine. He wants Jack to stay out of it because he and Kim truly care about each other.

3:25 A.M.

Alvers arrives at the Chandler Plaza Hotel by taxi. He has a briefcase in his hand. Alvers enters the lobby and calls Amador to tell him it will take another 25 minutes.

3:30 A.M.

Detective Norris phones Sherry from the Milliken estate to let her know that Julia claims she was with Sherry tonight. Sherry firmly states that Julia is lying because she has really been in the District offices with President Palmer all night. The detective says that Julia accused Sherry of helping her withhold medication and caused Milliken's death. Sherry says that Palmer will confirm her story.

3:32 A.M.

Wayne is worried that he is becoming less of an asset to Palmer's Administration, but Palmer assures his brother that he doesn't trust anyone more. Wayne gets a call from CTU that Jack is leading the operation with a lead on the virus.

3:33 A.M.

Jack and Chase arrive at the Chinatown street where Chloe has tracked Amador's account transaction. The SWAT team at the site has sent an undercover officer into the seedy nightclub. The officer spots an armed guard outside a door, but he is taken hostage before he can notify the team outside. The guard strips his radio, and Amador shoots the officer. Jack and Chase lead the raid on the club. Jack pins Amador to the ground, and orders the other SWAT guys to leave the room.

3:40 A.M.

Jack wants to know where the virus is, but Amador is angry that Jack was able to fool him in Mexico. "He knows who you are," Amador tells Jack. Amador refuses to tell him anything else, and Jack asks him who he is afraid of. Amador makes a contemptuous remark that Jack can't protect him because he couldn't even protect his own family. When Amador does not tell him where the virus is, Jack has Chase slice Amador's palm with a knife. Amador passes out. Jack orders Chase to repeat it when Amador wakes up.

3:42 A.M.

Tony and Chappelle call Jack. He tells them that he has Amador, but that the virus has already been passed on. However, Amador did reveal that whoever is behind this threat knows Jack very well. Jack has Tony cross-reference all his contacts with what they already uncovered about the virus. The CTU forensics team finds an incubator with no contamination and some prints and hairs that they will send to the lab. The agents also find Amador's laptop that has the full schematics of the Chandler Hotel. Jack tells Tony that they have a possible target, but that they shouldn't evacuate the hotel just yet. First they need to contain the virus. Tony orders an NHS team sent to the hotel.

3:44 A.M.

Tony notifies Phillips, the head of security for the Chandler Hotel, that there might have been a toxic substance released in the building. Tony orders him not to allow anyone in or out of the hotel. Alvers may already be in the building.

3:45 A.M.

Tony stops Michelle as she leaves CTU with Gael and a group of agents. Chappelle explains that Tony will need to control information flow at the office, and with Michelle's past experience, she is the best person to lead the team on-site. Tony is hesitant to let her go, but she knows it is the best thing to do.

3:51 A.M.

Michelle phones Tony from the car. He tells her that the NHS team won't be there for another 20 minutes. Tony orders her not to go into the hotel until NHS brings biohazard suits. She hangs up annoyed, and tells Gael that things haven't been right since Tony got back from the hospital. Gael says that Tony was unhappy that he couldn't talk to her about their secret plot against the Salazars for the last few months.

3:52 A.M.

Alvers walks through the Chandler Hotel dressed as a maintenance man. Phillips is suspicious because he doesn't recognize him. He has his assistant check the man out.

3:53 A.M.

Michelle calls Phillips from outside the hotel. No one has spotted Alvers yet. She can't enter until the hazmat suits arrive. Michelle feels guilty that Phillips' people don't have any hazmat suits and are trapped inside. Gael finds an image of Alvers on the hotel's security camera. Michelle tells the other agents on the team that she can't order anyone in because it goes against protocol, but she is going in to try to stop the virus. Gael grabs some gear and follows her. Others go with him.

3:54 A.M.

Phillips unlocks the door to allow Michelle and her team to enter the building. Phillips says that they may have spotted Alvers.

3:55 A.M.

Alvers enters the ventilation room and opens up his tool kit. He takes out the detonator and inserts a virus-filled vial inside of it. Alvers sets the detonator into place below a fan that blows air into the building.

3:56 A.M.

Michelle finds Phillips' assistant dead in the hallway of a pump room. She holds someone who appears to be a maintenance man at gunpoint. It is really Alvers. He makes a run for it, but Michelle takes him down and handcuffs him to a pipe. Alvers admits that the virus has been released into the central ventilation unit. Michelle radios Gael, who heads for the area.

3:58 A.M.

Gael finds the detonator underneath the whirling blades of the main fan. He radios Michelle that the virus is in a vial, and that it is hooked to some kind of timer. Gael opens up the fan unit, but before he can grab the vial, the detonator goes off. A fine, white powder sprays into his face and up into the air conditioning shaft.






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