Episode 3.14 : Day 3: 2:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : February 17, 2004
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

2:00 A.M.

Jack deplanes with Nina at Point Mugu Naval Air Station and is met by an agent from Division. Chase gets a call from Chloe, who says that everyone at CTU -- including Kim -- found out about his daughter.

2:02 A.M.

Chappelle briefs a group of agents about Amador and the man who Nina named as Alvers. No one has been able to access Interpol's reports because the European contact logs were not updated. Tony turns to Michelle, who was the ranking agent at the time he was in the hospital, and she explains that she didn't think Europe was a priority at the time. After the meeting breaks, Tony tries to speak to her but Michelle walks out angrily.

2:04 A.M.

Wayne apprises the President that the virus may already be in Los Angeles. Palmer wants him to alert the appropriate people in the various agencies. Sherry comes in to tell Palmer that she did not go to Milliken's house as she had originally planned. She called Julia, but Julia would not search her husband's phone. Palmer doesn't believe Sherry. She says that she pulled over on the road to make calls.

2:07 A.M.

The vans arrive at CTU, and Nina is whisked to an interrogation room. Jack is concerned that the security won't be enough to hold her, but Chappelle makes Jack take a detour to the clinic. He wants him checked out because he knows that he has been taking heroin.

2:08 A.M.

Adam informs Kim that her father has arrived at the office and that Chase is a few minutes behind. Kim sees Nina being ushered in. They hold a look. Jack hugs Kim, who is shaken to see Nina there.

2:13 A.M.

Kim asks her father why he didn't tell her about his drug problem. Jack didn't want her to worry, but he says that he will probably have to enter a rehab program.

2:14 A.M.

Chase enters CTU, and he and Kim lock eyes. She walks away without acknowledging him.

2:15 A.M.

Milliken's maid is horrified when she sees his dead body on the floor. She calls out for Julia.

2:16 A.M.

Chase comes into the clinic to check on Jack and to let him know that Tony will interrogate Nina. Chase then admits to Jack that he has a daughter. Although Kim already knows, he hasn't had a chance to talk to her about it. Jack warns him to square this with Kim now.

2:18 A.M.

Michelle and Dalton prepare the interrogation monitors in the observation room. He wonders whether Michelle is bothered that Tony is the one doing the questioning because he used to date Nina. Tony comes in and asks them to focus the video on Nina's eyes. She is tired, so they may be able to pick something up by her eye movements. Tony turns to Michelle and asks if everything between them is fine. Although she says yes, she doesn't sound fine.

2:19 A.M.

Tony questions Nina about Alvers. Nina tries to make Tony uneasy by referencing their past relationship. She sees his wedding ring and makes a comment about his wife. Michelle reacts slightly in the next room. Nina says she doesn't know Alvers personally. Tony mentions that the few medical records that they have on Alvers show that he was treated for HIV. Nina doesn't flinch, but Dalton sees on his monitor that her pulse has spiked. Michelle whispers into Tony's earpiece that Nina probably had sex with Alvers. Tony lets Nina know that he's on to her.

2:21 A.M.

Amador enters a seedy bar. He is carrying the briefcase. Amador meets up with Alvers, who asks about Nina. Amador says that she is probably dead. Alvers is relieved because Nina can lead the government to both of them. Amador carefully hands Alvers the canister containing the virus.

2:27 A.M.

Chase approaches Kim, who is upset that she didn't know about his daughter. He explains that he only recently found out he was a father from an ex-girlfriend who wanted nothing to do with the child. Chloe has been helping him take care of it. Chase doesn't know how this will affect his work and his relationship with Kim.

2:29 A.M.

Chappelle lets Jack know that Tony may be getting somewhere with Nina about Alvers, but Jack is hesitant to jump to conclusions because he knows that Nina is adept at manipulating the system. Before Jack can return to work, Chappelle makes him speak to an investigator from the Inspector General's office. Jack is lead into a conference room where the investigator named Plachecki grills him on how his addiction to heroin came about on the Salazar case.

2:31 A.M.

Tony continues to interrogate Nina about Amador. He reminds her that she not only betrayed CTU, but also killed Jack's wife, helped bring a nuclear bomb into the country and now is ready to unleash a virus on the population. What does she want now? Nina can only say that Tony's neck wound is bleeding.

2:32 A.M.

Tony goes back into the observation room. Dalton is only getting subliminal reactions from Nina. They would need to take her to another room to be able to better plug into her vital statistics, but that room is not as secure. Instead, Tony sends for the torture specialist to work on Nina.

2:38 A.M.

Plachecki questions Jack over his six weeks of heroin use before he got into the Salazar gang. Jack explains that he had to credibly pass as a junkie and only wanted to be prepared. Plachecki thinks it will be hard to sell this story because Jack didn't tell anyone what he was doing -- not even his partner. Jack says, because of his wife's death, his motives would have been misconstrued had he made it known what he was doing. Chappelle suggests that Plachecki put in the records that Jack did not start using drugs until the first meeting with Salazar was established. Jack refuses to lie because he merely did his job and has nothing to hide.

2:40 A.M.

Alvers tells someone over the phone that he has the virus. Amador notes that they will need time to leave the country before they let the virus out.

2:41 A.M.

The President meets with his aides and Cabinet members. Since Amador is in Los Angeles with the virus, Palmer asks the team to come up with two types of containment strategies, both covert and open to the public. He gives them thirty minutes to report back to him.

2:42 A.M.

Wayne tells Palmer the grim news about Milliken. Palmer is shocked. Wayne questions Sherry's claim that she never went to Milliken's house. Palmer goes right to Sherry and informs her that Milliken is dead. She feigns surprise. Palmer asks to check her cell phone logs to prove her story, but Sherry says that those phone logs will show that Palmer called her first. She admits that she did go to the Milliken estate, and after an argument, Milliken suffered a heart attack. Palmer warns Sherry that she will have to tell the truth about the matter, but Sherry cautions him that the truth will indicate that she was there on the President's behalf. Sherry assures Palmer that she did nothing to Milliken.

2:46 A.M.

Kim watches the feed from the interrogation room on her monitor. She sees Nina being tortured. Adam gives Kim a list of cities where Alvers has been in the last three years to cross check against CTU's database.

2:47 A.M.

Chase comes into the conference room to let Jack and Chappelle know that Nina is being tortured. Jack voices his opinion that this is a mistake. No one should be in there who isn't familiar with what Nina is capable of.

2:48 A.M.

The torture specialist applies a needle to the back of Nina's neck. She jerks her head backward, and the motion causes the needle to plunge further into her neck. It hits an artery, and blood spits out everywhere. Tony applies pressure to Nina's neck while Michelle calls for medical assistance.

2:52 A.M.

Palmer tells Wayne that Sherry alleged that Milliken suffered a heart attack. Palmer says that they have to assume that Julia was also involved. Wayne refuses to believe this.

2:54 A.M.

Wayne walks out of Palmer's office and calls Julia from his cell phone. She tells him that Sherry was there and stopped her from giving Milliken his medication when he lost his breath. Wayne advises her to call her lawyer. She wants Wayne to come to her, but he says he must keep his distance.

2:55 A.M.

Nina is rushed to the clinic of CTU on a gurney. Her handcuffs have been removed. As the doctors work, Nina squeezes shut the drip tube that is delivering anesthesia to her arm. She shuts her eyes and pretends to pass out. Seeing that she is under sedation, Tony leaves the medic area.

2:56 A.M.

Tony comes to tell Jack and Chappelle that Nina tried to commit suicide. Despite Tony's explanation that Nina is sedated, Jack is worried that Nina is in the clinic without security. Suddenly, an alarm blares throughout CTU. They run to the clinic, and find all of the doctors and medics dead. Nina is gone. Chappelle locks down the building.

2:57 A.M.

Kim panics, and runs into a stairwell. She sees one of the CTU guards dead. She grabs the guard's gun for security. Kim then finds Nina in the control room of CTU, ripping out wires from a keypad. She orders Nina to drop her gun. Nina warns Kim to walk away because she's not a part of this, but Kim refuses to back down. Nina begins to slowly rise her gun hand, and Kim threatens to shoot her. Suddenly, Nina is shot in the shoulder by Jack, who has come up behind Kim. Nina drops to the ground. Jack orders Kim to go back into the building and tell everyone that he has Nina. Nina moves her hand closer to the gun on the ground. "You don't have any more useful information, do you Nina?" Jack asks rhetorically. Although Nina tries to plead, Jack says "No, you don't." He fires three shots into her.






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