Ice Cube Confirms 'Friday' Franchise Revival With Warner Bros.
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After years of speculation, Warner Bros. has finally greenlit a fourth installment of the iconic 'Friday' franchise, with the former N.W.A star confirming the news.

AceShowbiz - Ice Cube fans, rejoice! The iconic rapper and actor has shared exciting news about a long-awaited fourth installment of the beloved "Friday" movie series after years of hurdles and a change in leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery.

It might be nearly 25 years since the original "Friday" hit theaters, but there's always another Friday around the corner. Ice Cube, the N.W.A alum, recently provided an update on the eagerly anticipated fourth installment of the Friday franchise, more than 20 years after the last sequel was released.

Speaking to Flavor Flav on SiriusXM's "Flavor of the Week", Ice Cube revealed, "We're working on it. We finally got some traction with Warner Bros." The actor highlighted that the company's new leadership, particularly Mike DeLuca and Michael Gruber, has been instrumental in reviving the project. "They have new leadership, my man Mike DeLuca, who used to be at New Line when I first started, when I first did the first 'Friday' and 'Players Club' and 'All About the Benjamins'," Ice Cube explained. "So, now he's running Warner Bros. And him and my man Michael Gruber was like, 'Yo, what the f**k is going on with 'Friday'? Man, let's get this s**t back online,' " he added.

Ice Cube's frustration with Warner Bros. is clear. The studio's delays have been particularly tough in light of the losses of original cast members. "John Witherspoon passed away, [Tommy Lister Jr.] passed away, [Anthony Johnson] passed away. I'm like, 'Man, we keep losing people, and y'all keep d***ing around, not doing the movie the way it needed to be done,' " Ice Cube emphasized. His commitment to the project's integrity remains steadfast, "They wanna do it, but the key is, it's got to be done right or we shouldn't f**k with it. So, they finally came to their senses, so hopefully we can get in the process of getting that movie made."

The initial "Friday", which was co-written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, debuted in 1995, followed by sequels "Next Friday" (2000) and "Friday After Next" (2002). The fourth installment has been in discussions since 2011, hampered by repeated delays and logistical challenges. Ice Cube's recent comments suggest that past obstacles may have included issues around salary, budget and release platforms.

For years, fans and the cast have awaited another sequel. Ice Cube affirmed his dedication to the project previously in 2015, saying, "That's my dream. I think all the parties involved, all the people that's been in the franchise, people from the first one to the third one, want to do another one."

With the renewed initiative under Warner Bros.' new leadership, there is hope that the fourth "Friday" movie will finally come to fruition, preserving the legacy of the franchise while honoring the memories of its late stars.

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