'Roseanne' Star Sandra Bernhard Apologizes for Mistreating Co-Star Morgan Fairchild

Even industry veterans have regrets, and Sandra Bernhard recently shared one of hers - how she treated her co-star Morgan Fairchild during their time on the iconic sitcom 'Roseanne.'

AceShowbiz - Sandra Bernhard, known for her role as Nancy Bartlett on "Roseanne", made a heartfelt apology to Morgan Fairchild on the Bravo show "Watch What Happens Live". "I was a little dismissive of Morgan," admitted Bernhard, who spoke candidly with host Andy Cohen. "To this day, I would like to say to Morgan, you are incredible to work with, you went there."

Nancy Bartlett, played by Bernhard, was a recurring character on the long-running ABC sitcom. Fairchild joined the cast for three episodes in 1992, portraying Marla, Nancy's bisexual girlfriend. Reflecting on this era, Bernhard highlighted that their characters constituted the first gay couple on television, "We were the first gay couple on TV, unlike everybody thinks everybody else was. We were!"

Bernhard expressed genuine regret and admiration for Fairchild, directing her apology directly to the camera and praising Fairchild for her professionalism and political stance. "I owe you an apology," Bernhard added. "I adore you. And thank you for putting up with my snotty little attitude."

Responding to Cohen's inquiry on whether or not she had reached out to Fairchild directly, Bernhard confessed she "didn't really know how," but hoped her apology aired on the Bravo show would reach her former colleague. "She will watch [the show], and she'll hear it. She's a great lady," Bernhard said. When Cohen probed why Bernhard treated Fairchild poorly, Bernhard simply responded, "I don't know."

In an earlier interview on the "Behind the Velvet Rope" podcast, Fairchild herself had reflected on her decision to take on the role of Marla, noting that her agent was "on the fence" due to the character's groundbreaking portrayal as a "lipstick lesbian."

"I like doing iconoclastic things," Fairchild observed, emphasizing her penchant for roles that shock people or encourage societal discussion. Ultimately, Fairchild believed the role offered a chance to engage people in conversation, as Roseanne was highly popular at the time.

Although nearly three decades have passed since Fairchild's appearance on the show, Bernhard's public acknowledgment serves as a reminder of the importance of respect and kindness, both on and off the set. Fans of "Roseanne" and young audiences can appreciate the open discussion of past wrongs and the importance of making amends.

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