'NCIS' Star Sean Murray Left With Permanent Injury Following On-Set Mishap

From guest star to leading man, Sean Murray's dedication to 'NCIS' is unwavering, even in the face of permanent injury. Here's the story of how one memorable scene left a lasting mark on the actor.

AceShowbiz - Sean Murray's journey with "NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" is nothing short of impressive. First appearing as Timothy McGee in the sixth episode of Season 1, he quickly became a fan favorite. Starting as a guest star, he soon earned a permanent spot in the main cast by Season 2.

Today, following Mark Harmon's departure, Murray not only tops the billing in the opening credits but also holds the title of the longest-serving NCIS cast member. This longevity on the show speaks volumes about his love for the character and commitment to the series.

However, Murray's time on "NCIS" hasn't been without its challenges. During the filming of the Season 2 episode "Bikini Wax," a scene required McGee to chase a suspect through a car wash. While the scene provided a humorous juxtaposition - McGee emerging covered in soap suds while Harmon's Gibbs remained dry - it came at a significant cost to Murray.

Recalling the experience on "Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch" with co-stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, Murray shared, "Running through that car wash, which I did many times and was a real car wash, I remember taking a sharp right... My dress shoes come out right from under me 'cause I'm sprinting."

"I come down on the on my right hand. And you know, like a lot of us actor types, we jump up, we just keep doing our thing. We don't even really notice what we do until afterwards. To this day, I have very limited mobility in my right thumb now. It's a good thing I'm a lefty."

Nearly 20 years have passed since that incident, and Murray continues to reflect on its repercussions. While it's arguable that different footwear might have prevented the injury, Murray has taken it in stride, a testament to his resilience. The good news is that his injury was not more severe - landing on his hand rather than his head.

On the show, McGee's adventures continue to intrigue audiences. Recently, McGee reunited with Tony DiNozzo during "The Stories We Leave Behind," Season 21's tribute to the late David McCallum. Additionally, "The Plan" revealed that McGee has a half-sister, hinting at more familial storylines. As NCIS advances into Season 22 and new spinoffs like "NCIS: Origins" and "NCIS: Tony & Ziva" set to premiere, fans can anticipate more thrilling narratives.

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