Andy Cohen Shocked and Furious After Jeff Lewis Smashed His Head With Bottle

Andy Cohen's night took an unexpected turn when his friend Jeff Lewis hit him on the head with a bottle during what supposed to be a fun game on 'Watch What Happens Live'.

AceShowbiz - In what began as a playful segment on Tuesday, June 18's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohen and his guest Jeff Lewis, along with another guest Caroline Stanbury, found themselves in a shocking moment. During a round of "Spin the Bottle," "The Real Housewives of Dubai" 's Stanbury asked Cohen a question about the show. Unable to recall the answer, Cohen signaled Lewis to tap his head with the bottle, reminding him to "be calm."

Rather than a gentle tap, the bottle shattered upon impact, leaving Cohen visibly upset with wide eyes and an expression of shock. Audience members gasped while Lewis quickly apologized, saying, "OK, I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Cohen reprimanded Lewis, accusing him of being "aggressive." Lewis, on the other hand, insisted the hit was "light" and remorsefully claimed, "It didn't feel hard when I did it."

The incident was shared on "WWHL's" official Instagram page, where fans could not stop raving about the hilarious predicament between the pair. Comments poured in, with one user saying, "Gold!!!! Jeff and Andy never disappoints," and another stating, "Andy & Jeff show in any format please!" Despite the controversy over the severity of the hit, fans were delighted by their dynamic, with one noting, "Jeff and Andy are truly an iconic duo. It's clear that their friendship is genuine in all ways."

This is not the first time Cohen and Lewis have had a public spat. Their history of on-air disagreements includes a notable moment where Lewis accused Cohen of being partly responsible for the cancellation of his HGTV series, "Flipping Out."

Cohen refuted the claim, explaining he wasn't in charge of programming at Bravo at the time, although he conceded he believed it was time for the show to end. Despite their quarrels, the two share a "sibling type of a relationship," as Lewis described, making their interactions a continuous source of entertainment for fans.

In 2018, tensions flared again when Lewis claimed Cohen became upset over a social media post about "Flipping Out's" non-renewal. Cohen allegedly adapted his strategy to communicate with Lewis by sending a more measured text, which Lewis read on his Sirius XM radio show. The radio host admitted their relationship endures ups and downs but ultimately remains strong.

The latest bottle incident, though startling, underscores the genuine and complex friendship between Cohen and Lewis, charming their audience with every unpredictable twist. For viewers, it's another memorable moment that encapsulates the unique chemistry and unpredictable nature of "Watch What Happens Live."

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