Tyla Insists She Never Denied Her 'Blackness' After Refusing to Talk About Her Racial Identity

The 'Water' hitmaker is quick to clear the air on her racial identity after she shut down questions about identifying herself as a 'colored' woman in an interview.

AceShowbiz - Race and identity can be complex topics, and South African singer Tyla found herself at the center of a heated discussion following her latest interview with "The Breakfast Club". During the interview, host Charlamagne tha God questioned Tyla about her previous comments on identifying as "coloured." However, Tyla chose not to delve into the topic, prompting her representative to intervene and request the conversation to move forward.

This decision caused a stir on social media, reminiscent of the backlash Tyla faced in December 2023 when she initially identified herself as "coloured." In South Africa, the term "coloured" refers to mixed-race ancestry and is a legitimate racial classification. However, the term carries different connotations in other parts of the world, especially in the United States, where it is often seen as derogatory.

Responding to the social media uproar, Tyla took to her platforms to clarify her stance. She wrote, "Never denied my blackness, idk where that came from... I'm mixed with black/Zulu, Irish, Mauritian/Indian and Coloured. In Southa, I would be classified as a Coloured woman and in other places, I would be classified as a black woman. Race is classified differently in different parts of the world."

Further elaborating, Tyla acknowledged the weight of the term "coloured" outside South Africa and emphasized, "I don't expect to be identified as Coloured outside of Southa by anyone not comfortable doing so... I'm both Coloured in South Africa and a black woman. As a woman for the culture. It's and not or... with that being said ASAMBEEE."

Tyla's message garnered substantial support from her fans. One user commented, "You don't need to explain yourself Tyla, these people just need to educate themselves," while another echoed, "I love how you've stood your ground on this particular matter," and another added, "Just ignore them Tyla."

Despite the controversy, Tyla continues to rise as one of the most prominent breakout stars of 2023. Her hit single "Water" has amassed over 670 million streams on Spotify, with a remix featuring Travis Scott (II) achieving an additional 50 million streams. Her debut album, released earlier this year, has solidified her place in the R&B scene with tracks like "Jump" and "Truth or Dare."

As discussions about race and identity evolve, Tyla's stance highlights the importance of understanding and respecting different cultural contexts. Her message of unity and inclusivity resonates with many, proving that the conversation around race is multi-faceted and deeply personal.

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