Coldplay Stops Show After Concertgoer Holding Israeli Flag Fell While Trying to Rush Stage

The frontman of the British rock band, Chris Martin, tells everyone that the show needs to be stopped after noticing a male concertgoer falling off the stage.

AceShowbiz - Coldplay has shown that they care about their fans' safety. The British rock band, which was formed in London in 1997, had to stop their concert after a concertgoer, who was holding an Israeli flag, fell down.

Recently, the band, which consists of vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman as well as drummer and percussionist Will Champion, took the stage in Athens, Greece to entertain their fans. In the middle of the gig, they were forced to put the gig to an abrupt halt due to an incident.

In a video making its rounds on TikTok, it could be seen that one of the concertgoers was trying to get on the stage while Chris and the rest of the band members were performing one of their songs. The concertgoer took a tumble before a number of lighting props fell off the stage, apparently hitting him.

Chris, who was singing and playing a guitar, noticed the incident. It did not take long for the band frontman to tell others that the show needed to be stopped. His bandmate Johnny was documented running to the edge of the stage to check the concertgoer's condition. Chris did the same after he put down his guitar.

On Monday, June 11, an influencer named Guy Hochman came forward and claimed that he was the one who took a tumble. Making use of Instagram, the Israeli comedian explained, "We were at a Coldplay concert in Athens yesterday, don't know one of their songs," saying that he wanted to "conquer the stage."

Guy went on to say that he could smell "Chris Martin's sweat" when he was close enough to the stage. About his condition following the nasty fall, he shared that his "right rib gone," seemingly hinting that he broke his rib. In the same post, he released a photo from the concert, in which he flashed his smile at the camera while flaunting the Israeli flag.

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