New 'Gladiator 2' Set Photos Reveal Paul Mescal in Laid-Back Costume
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The Irish actor, who portrays Lucius Verus in the Ridley Scott-directed movie, is photographed on a smoking break during reshoot for the sequel in Hove in East Sussex, England.

AceShowbiz - New "Gladiator 2" set photos have revealed a glimpse of Paul Mescal's portrayal of Lucius Verus. The actor, who has been back on the set of the upcoming epic historical drama film for reshoot, has been seen in character for the first time.

On Wednesday, June 12, pictures surfaced on the Irish thesp walking around the set in his costume with a cigarette in his mouth. Having a smoke break, he's still dressed in his character's Roman outfit that consisted of green knee-length, short-sleeved tunic which is cinched on the waist with a brown belt.

Adding to the commoner look, he wore knee-high footwear that seems to be made of fabric wrapped around his legs. He also wore makeup that made him look bruised on the side of his face.

While no other main cast member was seen with Mescal during the reshoot that day, a number of extras were spotted on the set. Unlike Mescal's laid-back costume, the extras were fully dressed in armors, seemingly to film a battle scene.

In other images obtained by Daily Mail, Mescal was seen wearing his own armor as he was filming a gritty fight scene. The 28-year-old was made up to look bloodied and bruised as he rocked a sleeveless top and a brown plaited skirt.

While filming for "Gladiator 2" had originally taken place in Morocco, reshoots are currently underway in Hove in East Sussex, England. Ridley Scott, who directed the original 2000 film, is back at the helm for the sequel.

"Gladiator 2" centers on Mescal's Lucius, the former heir to the Empire and the son of Maximus' (Russell Crowe) former lover Lucilla (Connie Nielsen). According to Scott, Lucius has been living "in the wilderness" with no connection with his mother, who now thinks he might be dead.

Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal also star in the movie, with Nielsen reprising her role from the first movie. Crowe, who will not return for the sequel, recently expressed his unease regarding the upcoming sequel.

"I'm slightly uncomfortable with the fact they're making another one because, of course, I'm dead and have no say in what gets done," he said in a recent interview. The 60-year-old actor specifically expressed reservations about some plot details, stating that they "contradict the moral journey of that particular character."

"Gladiator 2" is set for a November 22 release in the United States.

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