Amy Robach Reveals Impacts of Misinformation About T.J. Holmes Romance

Despite the intense spotlight and loss of colleagues, the two former ABC News anchors' relationship has powered through, gaining new perspectives and platforms.

AceShowbiz - Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, who are best known for their roles on ABC News, have traded the newsroom for podcasting after their secret relationship came to light in November 2022. The revealing photos published by a tabloid depicted them holding hands and canoodling, which led to their suspension from "GMA3", and eventually, their dismissal in January 2023.

The revelation brought an unexpected level of scrutiny and isolation from their former colleagues. As Robach disclosed on their iHeartRadio podcast in June 2023, "We went back to work for two days after that tabloid that shall not be named released those photos of, as we pointed out, just discovering us in a private relationship." She emphasized, "They did not catch us cheating. That is not what happened. They found us in our private relationship."

Initial support from colleagues proved to be fleeting. Holmes pointed out the disingenuous nature of some colleagues' reactions, "Some of it was BS." The pair understood their peers' caution, attributing it to job security concerns. Holmes noted, "Everybody's trying to hold onto their job. They don't wanna be seen as being an ally of the two people that ABC News doesn't like."

Despite feeling like outcasts, Robach and Holmes shared on their podcast that they still have a few loyal friends. Michael Strahan, a former colleague, met them for lunch and reassured them of his support. Holmes remarked, "We are trying to protect you, Strahan, from us. That's the shame I'm talking about. This is a guy we've been very close to for 10 years now."

Reflecting on their experience, Robach expressed frustration at the public narrative, stating, "I used to say, 'It's not like I murdered someone,' but I definitely felt like that's how it seemed if you read comments from these articles." She described the weight of negative comments, which made her feel like the "worst person in the world," despite the misinformation about their infidelity.

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