Justin Baldoni Recovering After Hospitalized With Infection

Just ahead of the release of his latest film 'It Ends With Us', the 'Jane the Virgin' alum faces an unexpected health scare, leaving fans concerned but inspired by his resilience and gratitude.

AceShowbiz - Actor Justin Baldoni has spent a week in the hospital due to an infection. Now recovering, he expresses gratitude for his support system and reflects on the experience. A week-long hospitalization due to an infection led Justin to reflect on his life. On Monday, June 10, the actor took to Instagram to share his experience, though he did not provide specific details about his condition.

"Nothing like an infection and a week at the hospital to put everything into perspective," the 40-year-old actor wrote. "God is so good. On the mend and feeling grateful."

Baldoni extended his gratitude to the medical staff, friends and family who supported him during his ordeal. He also thanked his wife Emily for her unwavering presence. "And to my wife, my soulmate - who is so stubborn she wouldn't leave my side and slept on a bench... I love the s**t out of you. Forever."

Along with his heartfelt message, Baldoni shared a carousel of photos depicting his hospital stay. One image shows his children, 6-year-old son Maxwell Roland-Samuel and 8-year-old daughter Maiya Grace, lovingly embracing him on the hospital bed.

In addition to his hospitalization, Baldoni recently opened up to PEOPLE about his upcoming film "It Ends With Us", in which he stars alongside Blake Lively. The actor described the project as "healing," as it allowed him to explore parts of himself he had not fully addressed.

Baldoni has also been involved in directing projects like "Five Feet Apart", "Clouds" and The CW series "My Last Days".

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