Madonna's Lawyer Deems Concert Delay Lawsuit a 'Harassment Campaign,' Reacts to Settlement News

The legal team of the 'Material Girl' hitmaker makes it clear that the two parties have not reached a settlement despite the plaintiffs' lawyer claiming otherwise.

AceShowbiz - Madonna's lawyer has had a few words to say about her ongoing legal problem. The legal team of the "Material Girl" hitmaker deemed a concert delay lawsuit against her a "harassment campaign."

On Monday, June 10, TMZ reported that the 65-year-old Queen of Pop's attorney had reacted to news suggesting that she and plaintiffs, Michael Fellows as well as Jason Alvarez, had reached a settlement. According to the media outlet, the attorney "asked the judge to strike a settlement notice filed" by the plaintiffs' lawyer "from the record" in new legal docs. This showed that "the parties have not settled this matter."

Madonna's lawyer demanded the judge do so after Michael and Jason "filed something in court that suggested a settlement had been reached in the case." Though the two parties have not reached a settlement on the matter, the lawyer noted that "they've been in settlement talks."

The lawyer, who works for Madonna and Live Nation in this case, reportedly told the plaintiffs that their clients "rejected settling right now." The plaintiffs' attorney allegedly said that "his clients accepted Live Nation's settlement offer and attached a draft settlement agreement to that end." As a result, Madonna's team "were asked to confirm the terms of the agreement."

However, before Madonna's team could refuse to confirm the terms of the agreement, a "False Notice of Settlement" reportedly was submitted to court on Friday, June 7. This prompted her lawyer to blast the plaintiffs' attorney, calling the lawsuit a "harassment campaign" in an attempt to earn money.

Most recently, it was said that the judge "ended up siding with Madonna's legal team," showing that there was no settlement. The judge reportedly "struck the settlement notice, and the case will proceed."

Madonna was slapped with a lawsuit by Michael and Jason for starting her three shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last December late. In the court docs, the concertgoers accused the singer of "false advertising" since she did not start the gigs on time.

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