Travis Kelce and Olivia Dunne Crack a Joke About Taylor Swift in Hilarious Skit

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end and LSU gymnast team up for a new ad, and she shares a funny behind-the-scenes clip that features a nod to his megastar girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce recently stirred up social media with a hilarious TikTok skit that nods to Kelce's girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The playful video comes after the two athletes co-starred in a commercial for Accelerator Active Energy.

In a new TikTok and Instagram post dated June 7, Dunne shared a behind-the-scenes clip featuring her and Kelce. The skit references a scene from the comedy show "I Think You Should Leave," where Kelce quips, "I feel like you're just here for the zipline," only this time with the text altered to read, "I feel like you're just here for concert tickets?" to poke fun at Swift's popularity.

Dunne replies with an awkward "What?" while sipping on an Accelerator energy drink. She captioned the clip with, "Who me?! Never…," and added hashtags like "#swiftie," "#taylorswift," and "#traviskelce."

Both athletes have a history with the energy drink brand, with Kelce becoming an investor last year alongside his brother Jason.

Travis Kelce, who is currently in his NFL off-season, mentioned Dunne during his appearance on "Good Morning America" earlier in the week. "I got Livy Dunn in the building. LSU gymnast. Absolutely just an awesome person. She's down there making Accelerator look just amazing," Kelce told "GMA".

The duo's playful video has garnered significant attention, especially since Kelce's high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift became public. Swift has been actively supporting Kelce, even showing up at the Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium last season and cheering them all the way to Super Bowl victory.

Dunne, who recently celebrated the LSU NCAA gymnastics championship win, often dedicates her off-seasons to catching up on work obligations outside of gymnastics. She will likely balance these responsibilities with spending quality time with her MLB prospect boyfriend, Paul Skenes, whom she mentioned sharing her victory experience.

Meanwhile, Swift continues to make waves with her ongoing tour in Scotland. Amidst all this, Kelce remains grounded, attributing his ability to handle the spotlight to his supportive family and friends.

This collaboration between Dunne and Kelce not only showcases their athletic prowess but also their sense of humor and social media savviness. Fans are eagerly awaiting the full commercial release but for now, are relishing in the duo's entertaining behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

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