Doja Cat Musings on Chewbacca's Sexuality Raise Questions for 'Star Wars' Fans

The 'Woman' hitmaker has sparked speculation among her fans and the 'Star Wars' community with her recent social media posts questioning the sexuality of Chewbacca.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat, renowned for her eccentric social media presence, has once again made headlines with her latest musings. On Friday, June 7, the "Paint The Town Red" singer took to Twitter to pose a peculiar question, "Is Chewbacca fr gay though?"

Her inquiry sparked a series of tweets in which she further contemplated the Wookie's sexuality, stating, "Chewbacca could be gay" and "Chewbacca is the mother of bundles." While the motivation behind her musings remains unclear, the question has ignited a lively discussion among Star Wars enthusiasts.

Some fans have expressed agreement with Doja Cat's assessment, citing Chewbacca's close relationship with Han Solo and his tendency towards dramatic gestures and physical contact. Others have pointed out that the rumor of Chewbacca's homosexuality has been circulating for years, fueled by his likeness to bears and his playful nature.

Interestingly, Doja Cat is not the first celebrity to question Chewbacca's sexual orientation. In the mid-2010s, a viral petition gained significant support, urging Star Wars to include an LGBTQ+ character in its universe. Mark Hamill, the actor who portrays Luke Skywalker, was among those who signed the petition.

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy has previously indicated an openness to incorporating queer characters into the franchise, provided the storyline is appropriate. In 2019's The Rise of Skywalker, Poe Damron and Finn shared a kiss, becoming the first openly gay characters in the series. However, many critics felt that this gesture fell short of adequately representing the LGBTQ+ community.

Doja Cat's latest social media adventure has reignited the debate about LGBTQ+ representation in Star Wars. As the franchise continues to expand, fans will eagerly anticipate whether and how it will respond to these growing calls for inclusivity.

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