Tyler Perry Accuses Cops of Racial Profiling Over Eric Andre Incident at Atlanta Airport
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The 'Madea' creator is taking a stand against racial profiling, siding with fellow celebrity Eric Andre who was fuming after he was stopped for a 'random' drug search at airport.

AceShowbiz - Tyler Perry, renowned filmmaker and actor, has unequivocally condemned the alleged racial profiling experienced by his friends, comedians Eric Andre and Clayton English, at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Perry's critique was published in an op-ed for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in which he articulated his concerns over the disproportionate targeting of Black individuals by the Clayton County Police Department (CCPD).

The lawsuit, filed in 2022 by Andre and English, claims they were unlawfully stopped on jet bridges while just moments away from boarding their flights despite having passed through TSA security. Eric Andre's alleged incident went public almost immediately, as he recounted the story to a Los Angeles photographer upon disembarking the plane.

Statistics revealed by Perry highlight a stark racial disparity. "56 percent of the passengers stopped by CCPD's special airport drug unit were Black, while only 8 percent of the airport's domestic air travelers are Black," Perry explained.

He further accused the police of civil asset forfeiture - seizing property or cash under the pretext that they are linked to criminal activity, a practice that reportedly netted the CCPD nearly $1 million from travelers without any subsequent charges.

Perry's op-ed received support from high-profile entertainers Jamie Foxx, Taraji P. Henson, Sterling K. Brown, and Rege-Jean Page, all of whom contributed to a friend-of-the-court brief. In his writing, Perry emphasized that racial profiling by law enforcement isn't a novel issue but underscores persistent systemic racism.

"Law enforcement agencies engaging in racial profiling and trying to hide the truth about it is nothing new in this country," Perry acknowledged, adding, "Still, each time it happens, we are reminded that, as Black people, we are viewed - even by our own government - as less worthy of respect and constitutional protection than our white friends, neighbors, and colleagues."

Perry's concerns are not just sociopolitical but also economic. His Atlanta-based film studio attracts thousands of industry professionals annually, and he warns that unchecked racial discrimination could stifle the city's development and growth.

He concluded with a potent reminder, "Every act of racial discrimination is a broken promise, an affront to our dignity, an insult to Atlanta's history and a vestige of a history that America must leave behind."

Both the Atlanta airport and the CCPD have yet to respond to requests for comments. Perry's resolute stance against these alleged practices aims to foster a broader dialogue about necessary changes in law enforcement's approach to racial profiling, ensuring that Black individuals can travel freely without fear of discrimination.

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