Bianca Censori Ditches Risque Dresses When Kanye West Isn't Around
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According to a new report, the Yeezy architectural designer's pals believe that Ye treats Bianca as nothing but 'some dramatic installation of art' instead of as a wife.

AceShowbiz - Friends of Bianca Censori weighed in on the dynamic between the Australian architect and her husband Kanye West. According to a new report, Bianca's pals believed that Ye treated Bianca as "some dramatic installation of art" instead of as a wife.

An old friend of Bianca told Page Six that when she's not "working" as the rapper's muse, Bianca would leave her signature barely-there clothes. That was proven by how the 29-year-old dressed pretty normally during her recent solo trip to Australia.

"It was very obvious to us that she was acting like she was off the clock from a job," the friend said of Bianca. The informant added that the brunette wore a sweater dress to eat pasta with her parents at a cafe in her hometown of Melbourne.

"When you look at all the press [about Censori and West], you would believe she has lost her mind, so it was good to see her with her family and being the person we remembered. The clothes were back to normal … there was nothing to suggest her time with Kanye has had a lasting effect," the friend went on saying.

Bianca's family was allegedly livid at Ye for making Bianca wear such racy clothes with her dad Leo reportedly planning to confront the Chicago star. Of the family family situation, the friend said Bianca's family "haven't been cut off and it was clear they still have plenty of contact with her. They would have been acting differently if this was some rescue from a cult-like leader!"

Another source, meanwhile, said that "Bianca was just taking it easy" when asked about her time in her home country. The source also claimed that Bianca considered her outfits to be "performance art," adding, "Bianca has people helping her with her looks. It's her presentation and it's thought through."

The informant also shared that Ye's ongoing legal issue didn't really affect their relationship. "Ye seems to be ok and they're getting along. Like every couple they have their challenges, but they're doing good business together," the source divulged.

On the other hand, none of Bianca's old gang "felt comfortable" trying to get her to discuss her relationship. "There is always more to the story. And while the idea that she is a human mannequin to the former husband of Kim Kardashian seems outrageous, it's good that she must be balancing her time with him and still be able to live a normal life," the friend opined.

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