Charlamagne Tha God Blasts 'The View' Hosts for Pressuring Guests to Endorse Political Candidates

When appearing in the Wednesday, May 22 episode, the 'Breakfast Club' personality slammed the daily time show co-hosts for pressuring their guests to endorse political candidates.

AceShowbiz - Charlamagne Tha God just had a tense conversation on "The View". In the Wednesday, May 22 episode, the radio personality slammed the daily time show co-hosts for pressuring their guests to endorse political candidates.

It all started when Sunny Hostin mentioned Charlamagne's new book, "Get Honest or Die Lying". She said, "Since this book is all about having real conversations, let's get to it... You have a massive platform. You and I have talked about this before. You endorsed Joe Biden back in 2020, but this time around, you said you're not going to endorse anybody. Charlamagne, now is not the time, in my opinion, to sit this one out."

Interjecting, Charlamagne told Sunny, "I didn't say that." He went on to clarify his stance, "I'm definitely voting in November. What I like to focus on is issues, not individuals."

Sunny later asked, "But why not endorse? Why not endorse Biden?" In response, "The Breakfast Club" host answered, "Because if I'm sitting here telling my listeners that you have somebody out there who's a threat to democracy, somebody out there who said they want to suspend the constitution and overthrow the results of the election - you saw this person try to lead an attempted coup of this country - and I'm telling people that this guy is a threat to democracy."

"There's only two candidates out there. If I'm saying that about this individual, the choice is clear, right?" Charlamagne, born Lenard Larry McKelvey, added. He then confronted the ladies, "I've seen y'all do this on The View before."

"[Rapper] Killer Mike literally sat here and said, 'Hey, I supported Keisha Lance Bottoms, I supported Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff in Georgia,' " the 45-year-old added. "He said you should support the person who the people I support are supporting. That's y'all's opportunity to say, 'Clearly, he's talking about Biden.' Why do y'all need us to say this we don't feel comfortable saying it?"

Whoopi Goldberg was quick to chime in, "No, no, it's not that we need you to say it, but I think other folks need to hear." The EGOT winner further explained, "Because... one of the things that we've been talking about is the fact that getting facts out through the media has been - seems to be very difficult."

Charlamagne responded by saying he "spewed some facts" just moments earlier, prompting Whoopi to smile and reply, "Yes, but we need you to do it on your show." Charlamagne, however, remained defiant, saying, "If I think both candidates are trash, and I don't feel like endorsing one, would you rather me endorse an individual, or endorse the fact that, hey, we need to go out here and protect democracy?"

The interview ended amicably though. Whoopi even joked that she would "beat [his] behind" after he pointed out that third-party candidates do exist.

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