Cardi B Reveals 'Very Hurtful' Comment From Online Troll About Her Career That Leaves Her in Tears

The Grammy-winning artist, who recently declared that her sophomore album is not dropping this year, laments getting hurt knowing that she gives 'so much and somebody just drags it down.'

AceShowbiz - Cardi B admitted that she can't always act unbothered hearing criticism about her. In a new interview, the "WAP" hitmaker revealed a "very hurtful" comment from an online troll that left her in tears.

"Like yesterday, I was scrolling through TikTok and a b***h made me cry," the 31-year-old said during a sit-down with Rolling Stone. "She was just like, 'She has got to give it up. She's better off being an influencer. You was cosplaying being a rapper. Because you don't take it seriously. That's why you don't put out your music.' "

"And it's like, I take my music so f**king seriously that that's why I don't put it out," she added. "Because if it's not perfect to my ear, if every f**king word doesn't sound like it's pronounced right, if the beat is overpowering the words or the words is overpowering the beat, I don't want to put it out."

The Grammy winner went on to elaborate, "When you give so much and somebody just drags it down, like you're just playing with your p***y all day, just watching Netflix all f**king day long, it's very hurtful."

Cardi recently declared that her sophomore album is not dropping this year. The mom of two made the announcement when responding to a tweet from KenBarbie, who defended her from critics by explaining that she has been communicative with her fans regarding her delays.

"Exactly and I tell myself this all the time... and I hate that I fall back and start interacting again and it bites me in the **s… anyway NO album this year I don't care I'm relaxing this year," she stated. "Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer."

Doubling down in another response to a critic, Cardi wrote, "YEUP ITS NOT DONE CAUSE THERE IS NO ALBUM." She continued, "Congrats you won a prize for your answer …here's your prize [middle finger emoji]."

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