Tori Spelling's Kids Beg Her to Stop Talking About Their Family Amid Dean McDermott Divorce

Growing up in the limelight isn't easy, and Tori Spelling's children are left uncomfortable by some of the things their famous mom said to public amid their family turmoil.

AceShowbiz - Tori Spelling, the 50-year-old star from "Beverly Hills, 90210," recently opened up in an episode of her "misSPELLING" podcast. During her conversation with guest Teresa Giudice, Spelling discussed the challenges of maintaining her public persona, especially when her children object.

"My kids are like, 'Ugh, Mom, stop putting us out there and talking about us,' " she shared. "And I'm like, 'It's kind of our day job. I don't know what to tell you.' " The single mom has made a name for herself not just through acting but also in numerous reality TV shows such as "So Notorious," "True Tori," and "Tori & Dean."

Spelling is mother to five children: Liam, 17; Stella, 15; Hattie, 12; Finn, 11; and Beau, 7, whom she shares with her ex, Dean McDermott. Since Spelling and McDermott's recent split, which culminated in the filing for divorce, the growing pains among her children have become more pronounced.

Reflecting on her experiences, Spelling noted, "For my kids, they're more not OK with some things I say." In particular, her 15-year-old daughter Stella has expressed discomfort, saying, "Mom, I'm in high school, and you can't say things because I didn't choose this." Spelling acknowledged, "And I'm like, 'I understand that.' "

Teresa Giudice, who shares a similar public family life, concurred with Spelling's sentiments. With four daughters of her own, she highlighted her second daughter, Gabriella's preference for privacy and aversion to the public eye.

"She doesn't really like all the cameras and everything," Giudice explained. "I always ask my daughters if they want to film with me, if they want to do a scene with me. So I don't force them… Gabriella's my one that's a little more reserved, she's private on Instagram. She's that child. And I'm totally fine with that."

The news of Spelling filing for divorce after 18 years of marriage wasn't a surprise to either her or McDermott. A source informed ET, "They have both been getting their ducks in a row and a plan in place for the past couple of years. They wanted to make sure that they're both taken care of individually and also as co-parents."

Despite the turmoil, Spelling and McDermott seem to maintain a cordial relationship, focusing on their co-parenting duties for the sake of their children.

As Tori Spelling navigates the complex dynamics of fame and family, the voices of her children offer a candid glimpse into the true impact of living life under a public microscope.

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