Tori Spelling Regrets Not Freezing Her Eggs, Yearns to Have Another Baby Amid Dean McDermott Divorce

The iconic 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actress opens up about her profound desire for expanding her family, despite the challenges of life's transitions, including a recent divorce.

AceShowbiz - In a revealing conversation on her "misspelling" podcast with country music artist Sara Evans, Tori Spelling shared her deep yearning to have more children. The 50-year-old actress, already a mother to five with her ex Dean McDermott, engaged in a candid discussion about the joys and regrets of motherhood.

"I would love to be pregnant again," Evans noted, expressing a sentiment deeply mirrored by Spelling. The actress responded passionately, "Same, my friend! I would love to have another baby. Oh my god."

The desire to relive the unparalleled joy of introducing a new life into the world was palpable in the conversation. Both Evans and Spelling reminisced about the precious initial moments with their newborns, acknowledging how those times eclipsed the common hardships of early parenthood. "There's no better time in your life than when you bring that baby home," said Evans, a sentiment Spelling readily agreed with.

However, amid laughter and lighthearted banter, Spelling acknowledged the reality of her situation. Facing menopause, she shared her regret about not preserving her fertility options earlier. "I'm totally in menopause, but I'm so bummed. I should have freezed my eggs," she lamented. This reflection underscored an often-painful acknowledgment of the closing of a chapter in her life.

Adding to the complexity of her situation is Spelling's ongoing divorce from McDermott, her husband of 18 years. The couple parted ways in June 2023. Despite the personal upheaval, Spelling revealed a mature approach to her evolving family dynamics, including her acceptance of McDermott's new partner, who has already formed a bond with their children.

"My soon-to-be ex has a girlfriend, a live-in girlfriend, who has met the kids and I like her," Spelling shared, showcasing her resilience and openness during a time of significant personal change.

The conversation between Spelling and Evans offers a poignant look into the complexities of motherhood, the nuances of public and personal life transitions, and the enduring power of familial love. For Spelling, the dream of expanding her family further may be challenged by circumstances, but her candidness and strength continue to resonate with many.

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