Michelle Pfeiffer 'Excited' to Grab 'Yellowstone' Spinoff Reins From Matthew McConaughey
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The 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' actor has been rumored to star in the project, but bosses are reportedly 'still dragging their feet over his eye-popping $2.5 million per episode fee.'

AceShowbiz - Michelle Pfeiffer plans to take over the "Yellowstone" spin-off. If a new report is to be believed, the actress is gunning to grab the show's reins because Matthew McConaughey has yet to sign a deal.

"Michelle is primed for big, big things," an insider told the National Enquirer, according to RadarOnline.com. "And the mood is the franchise will go a different route and embrace girl power and move with the times."

"She's really excited and ready to go," the insider added. "Word is, she's very close to a deal and she really wants to do this, unlike her indecisive male counterparts... Her casting would be a refreshing welcome!"

Matthew has been rumored to star on the project, but bosses are reportedly "still dragging their feet over his eye-popping $2.5 million per episode fee." As for Kevin Costner, he clashed with creator Taylor Sheridan over scheduling.

"He's now willing to let bygones be bygones and appear in some capacity in the second half of Yellowstone's fifth and final season for proper closure of his character," a source claimed of the 69-year-old.

"Matthew's stalling could really cost him and he's still hasn't inked a deal," the source further shared. "Kevin's return isn't set in stone either - and he's only going to get a cameo at best, thanks to his hard-line tactics, so the cost is clear for Michelle to take over!"

Kevin has starred as John on the hit series since 2018. The star earned a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination and won a 2023 Golden Globe Award for his stunning portrayal of the character.

Rumors that Kevin left the show first emerged in May 2023. Previous report claimed that Kevin allegedly had limited himself to 65 days of shooting on "Yellowstone", before changing his mind by only wanting to film 50 days for the first part of season 5. He only wanted to spend a week filming season 5B.

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