Chris Cuomo Eyes CNN Return Amid Network Struggle

As CNN scrambles to recalibrate ahead of a heated election cycle, whispers of Chris Cuomo's potential return signal a dramatic twist in the network's saga.

AceShowbiz - In the high-stakes world of cable news, the wheel of fortune never stops turning, a fact CNN might be banking on as it reportedly considers rekindling its relationship with former prime-time star Chris Cuomo. Amidst a backdrop of ratings challenges and the fallout from high-profile departures, insiders suggest the network is exploring options that could include bringing Cuomo back into the fold, despite his 2021 controversial exit.

Cuomo, who found himself at the center of a storm for advising his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on how to handle allegations of sexual harassment, was CNN's top-rated anchor before his dismissal. His departure came amid claims he breached journalistic ethics, leading to a chaotic period for the network marked by leadership changes and a legal battle over Cuomo's exit, with the anchor demanding $125 million in arbitration.

The potential for a Cuomo comeback speaks to a broader narrative unfolding within CNN as it grapples with filling the void left by his absence. "The top brass are pulling their hair out trying to find a solution before the election really heats up," said an insider.

With the network reportedly struggling to replicate Cuomo's success with the audience, a source told Page Six, "CNN insiders say there could be a deal to be made with Chris down the road - this is already being whispered about, and discussed quietly, but still unofficially."

Chris Cuomo himself appears open to a return, with sources close to him indicating he misses the influence and platform he had at CNN. "Although Chris isn't talking about this openly... it's generally accepted by his circle that he misses his old job, loves being on TV, and making a difference on national topics of interest to everyone," a source disclosed.

His ambition shines through his past reflections on his time at the network, where despite not being the "big name," he led the prime-time slot. "I wasn't set up to be [No. 1]. But I was still No. 1. Why? Because it was the best show," Cuomo asserted in a podcast interview with Anthony Scaramucci.

As CNN navigates its current challenges, the idea of a Cuomo return poses an intriguing solution. Though it remains a long shot, the network's need for ratings traction and ad dollars could pave the way for one of TV's most unexpected comebacks, highlighting the timeless allure of redemption narratives in American public life.

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