Jack Antonoff Continues Dissing Kanye West With Diaper Jokes on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
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In a new episode of the talk show, the Bleachers frontman, who is also a longtime collaborator of Ye's foe Taylor Swift, takes a jab at the Chicago rapper, whom he likened to a fussy baby.

AceShowbiz - Jack Antonoff brings up his feud with Kanye West during his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". In the Tuesday, April 16 episode of the late-night talk show, Jack took a jab at the rapper, whom he likened to a fussy baby.

In the episode, Jimmy asked Jack why he only collaborated with women. "I think men… There's two people that I think are too oversensitive to even function, and it's men and members of the music industry," the Bleachers frontman explained on the show while role-playing a patient in therapy. "The amount of sensitivity - it's sort of like watching Kanye."

Jack continued, "If I saw Kanye, I'd run up to him and be like, 'Your diaper is so full, we have to change your diaper. Your diaper needs to be changed, it's a huge problem.' "

"The truth is, I'm not that offended," Jack, who is Jewish, added while talking about the Chicago star's anti-Semitism. "I'm offended, but I'm not that offended, so I don't like to play this character of overly offended. I prefer to sort of up the trolling."

Jack is no stranger to slamming Kanye. Back in January, the former called Ye a "little cry baby b***h" in a viral post on X after finding out that Ye's album "Vultures 2" was slated to arrive on March 8, the same day Bleachers released its self-titled record. Later in February, the "Don't Take the Money" singer mocked the "Vultures" rapper in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, saying that he "just needs his diaper changed so badly."

Of the former husband of Kim Kardashian, he continued, "It's been a long time since I would've taken Kanye's call." Jack, who is a longtime collaborator with Ye's foe Taylor Swift, further noted, "I'm so incredibly bored when someone doesn't have the sauce anymore, so they go elsewhere to shock. It's just a remarkable waste of space."

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