'The Masked Singer' Recap: Double Eliminations on 'Queen Night'
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In a new episode, Group A finalists, Ugly Sweater, Starfish and Goldfish, return to the stage before two of them are sent home in double eliminations.

AceShowbiz - The new episode of "The Masked Singer" celebrated iconic rock band Queen. Airing on Wednesday, April 17, "Queen Night" saw Group A finalists returning to the stage before two of them were sent home in double eliminations.

Kicking off the night was Ugly Sweater. He said in his clue package, "Inspired everyone from Snoop Dogg to Nirvana. Talk about a fashion statement! I even worked with the legendary [Tupac Shakur] - I like to keep that little tidbit in my pocket. Yep, you can say I've influenced a soul circle of stars, all by doing my own thing." As for the visual clues, it included a pool float, a praying hands emoji, a bar of 24k gold and a crying face emoji.

That night, Ugly Sweater opted to sing "I Want to Break Free". Later, Ugly Sweater claimed that he had a connection to host Nick Cannon as an additional clue. "Nick, I'll never forget giving you dating advice, and obviously you didn't forget either," he teased. Panelists Rita Ora guessed Smokey Robinson, while Jenny McCarthy named Aaron Neville. As for Robin Thicke, he went with Charlie Wilson.

Following it up was Starfish. "After my two best gal pals got my dream job, the pressure was on for me to become a star on my own! And then I get this call to step on to something else, to replace someone who got fired! That first day on the job, I felt like my every move was being scrutinized, but this was my chance! Nothing was going to stop me. I put my spin on it, and it worked!" she said in her clue package. Her visual clues, on the other hand, revealed a telescope, a white rabbit and a golden bell.

Starfish then hit the stage to sing "Under Pressure". As an additional clue, Starfish hinted at a connection to Jenny, saying "Jenny, last time we hung out I offered you tickets to my show! You can consider this one on the house too." Among the guesses were Kate McKinnon (Robin), Amy Schumer (Rita) and Kate Flannery (Ken Jeong).

Goldfish rounded out the night. "I had just gotten a dream role, but the night before my debut I received the worst news I could have ever imagined. I lost my number one supporter. Nothing could have prepared me for that. I felt like I couldn't move. But then I remembered, there was no one in the world that enjoyed watching me perform more. So, I reached down inside and found the courage to take that stage," she recalled in her clue package. Goldfish, meanwhile, put a map of an island, a picture of a male goldfish on her mirror, a wizard hat as well as a poster of a rose that says Goldfish is headlining "The Masked Singer" in her visual package.

That night, Goldfish belted out "The Show Must Go On". Her additional clue revealed Goldfish had a connection to Ken as she said, "Ken, you're ridiculous and you have so much heart. I love it so much. You obviously haven't changed since the last time we worked together." Robin thought Goldfish could be Hilary Duff. Jenny guessed Selena Gomez, while Rita mentioned Vanessa Hudgens.

After the voting, Nick announced that Ugly Sweater was the first singer to get unmasked. For the final guesses, Ken picked Al Green. Jenny mentioned Aaron Neville, Rita went with Smokey Robinson, while Robin guessed Charlie Wilson. Robin made a correct guess because Ugly Sweater was revealed to be Grammy-nominated soul legend Charlie Wilson.

Later, Goldfish and Starfish performed for Battle Royale where they put their own spin on "Another One Bites the Dust". Eventually, the panelists picked Goldfish as the winner of Group A.

Before Starfish took off his mask, the panelists submitted their final guesses. Robin guessed Kate McKinnon, Rita went with Amy Schumer, Ken picked Kate Flannery, while Jenny mentioned Lisa Kudrow. Ken was right because Starfish was revealed to be "The Office" star Kate Flannery.

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