Mayim Bialik Says 'Quiet on Set' Abuse Also Happened Outside Nickelodeon
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The 'Big Bang Theory' alum discusses the Investigation Discovery docuseries, which is about the alleged abuse, sexism and racism on Nickelodeon, in a new episode of her podcast.

AceShowbiz - Mayim Bialik weighs in on the harrowing allegations detailed on Investigation Discovery's "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV" docuseries. "The Big Bang Theory" alum revealed in a new episode of her podcast that such abuse didn't only happen in Nickelodeon.

The actress discussed the matter in the latest episode of "The Breakdown" podcast. During the Tuesday, April 16 episode, former child actress Jenna von Oy shared that the things that the women allegedly experienced while working under Dan Schneider reminded her of the "things that I heard about other sets during our time."

Mayim agreed as she added, "Women being berated in the writers room is something that was just like - I'm sorry - it was considered in - I mean, I hate to say it, - it's considered par for the course."

"I will say I do not believe that happened in our writers room … and there were things that we all thought were OK to even joke about, which now we'd be mortified," the former "Jeopardy!" co-host continued.

Former "Even Stevens" star Christy Carlson, meanwhile, claimed that she found the five-part docuseries, which details the alleged abuse, sexism, racism and inappropriate behavior involving underage stars and crewmembers on Nickelodeon TV shows under Schneider, "extremely triggering" even though she hasn't watched it.

"I think we're all kind of living with a little bit of survivor's guilt," she shared. "That could have been any one of us, and we all kind of need to grieve together, I think at this point and sort of come together to try to figure out what now."

"You're watching what the entire culture was like. This is not what what happened because 'Nickelodeon this-that.' Of course, it touched me personally. Of course it did. But what it also reminded me of is how far we had to come to get to a place where people like Christy get to advocate," Mayim went on noting, "And we know what she means when she says the mental health of children on set matters and there are things that we can do to make sure that there are no exceptions. 'You don't get to push that child.' "

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