Brian Austin Green Learns to Pick His 'Battles' While Co-Parenting With Ex-Wife Megan Fox
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The former '90210' actor gets honest as he talks about his co-parenting experience with his former wife and the valuable lessons he learned from raising their children together.

AceShowbiz - Brian Austin Green, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor, emphasizes the importance of "pick[ing] your battles" when co-parenting with former wife Megan Fox for the well-being of their three sons: Noah, 11, Bodhi, 10, and Journey, 7.

Green prioritizes their children's experiences by "making sure that everything is centered around them." He acknowledges that separation inevitably impacts children, and parents should focus on mitigating its effects.

Despite not always seeing eye-to-eye with Fox, Green believes that co-parenting is not about getting along. Instead, it's about working together to provide a healthy environment for their kids.

"The person you're separated from, you're separated for a reason. Because you didn't get along," Green explains. "You can't expect to then get along after the fact in raising your kids."

Fox shares Green's sentiment, expressing the importance of avoiding negativity around their children. She believes that accepting and loving the other parent is crucial, as it avoids rejecting a part of their children's identities.

In addition to his co-parenting relationship with Fox, Green also shares son Kassius, 22, with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil. Green acknowledges that this dynamic has been challenging, with difficulties from the beginning.

In conclusion, Brian Austin Green prioritizes his children's well-being by co-parenting effectively with both Megan Fox and Vanessa Marcil. He believes that prioritizing the kids' experiences, accepting ex-partners' differences, and focusing on a healthy co-parenting relationship are crucial for their children's happiness and stability.

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