Jax Taylor Calls His Former Show 'Vanderpump Rules' 'Fake' and 'Scripted'

The 'Vanderpump Rules' alum criticizes the 'Real Housewives' spinoff, claiming the Bravo show started out 'awesome' before it gradually turned 'disastrous.'

AceShowbiz - Jax Taylor, a former cast member of "Vanderpump Rules," has made explosive claims about the show, alleging it is scripted and has become "disastrous." In a leaked video circulating on TikTok, Taylor can be heard slamming the Bravo series, stating, "They don't even hang out with each other. Show me a scripted show and I'll show you f**king Vanderpump Rules."

Taylor claims the show began as authentic but became scripted after several seasons. "Don't get me wrong, when we started it was awesome. Seasons one through six, it was organic, it was real. Now everybody starts to have money, now it becomes fake," he said. He continued, "Anything after six seasons is a wash, it's a f**king washing. Nobody shows up [with] Chanel earrings on at the beach."

Taylor's allegations coincide with the recent premiere of "The Valley," a spinoff series in which he now stars. He praised his new show, calling it "a real show" that has returned to the original format of "Vanderpump Rules."

In the leaked video, Taylor also provided updates on his former castmates. He claimed that Tom Schwartz is currently in Hawaii with a new girlfriend. Taylor also took aim at Lala Kent, directly criticizing her appearance by stating, "Nobody shows up [with] Chanel earrings on at the beach."

Taylor's outburst against "Vanderpump Rules" comes amidst its ongoing success, including an Emmy nomination last year. The former cast member expressed pride in his contributions to the show's popularity and acknowledged the efforts of other original cast members.

Taylor's allegations have sparked a debate among fans about the authenticity of reality television shows. "Vanderpump Rules" has not yet responded to Taylor's claims.

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