Dua Lipa Shares Behind-the-Scenes of Creating New Album 'Radical Optimism'

The 'Dance the Night' songstress treats social media users to a video documenting the process of making her third studio album, which is set to be released in May.

AceShowbiz - Dua Lipa has offered a glimpse of her creating her new album titled "Radical Optimism". One month before releasing her third studio album, the "Dance the Night" songstress shared a behind-the-scenes video documenting the process of making the record.

On Wednesday, April 3, the 28-year-old singer made use of her Instagram account to upload the never-before-seen clip. In the footage, she was documented staying at a house with a number of pals while working on the album. At one point, she was filmed happily dancing while listening to her song.

The video also documented Dua doing a photoshoot at a beach for the cover art of "Radical Optimism". She was seen soaking up the sun while sitting on boulders at the beach and after dipping the lower part of her body in the water. In addition, the clip showed the behind-the-scenes of the "Training Season" music video.

In the same footage, Dua explained how it was like writing the upcoming album. She said, "It's the beauty of the chaos and trying to stay calm through it. Listening over and over and feeling like, 'How do I wanna tell the story?' "

The "New Rules" hitmaker went on to share, "I always go for the most upbeat ones to introduce people to the record. I can just keep on dancing and keep people dancing." She then revealed, "And I rewrote so many of those parts."

Dua further recalled, "But also, working with Kevin, Danny, Tobias and Caroline over such a long period of time made it feel like a band." She noted, "And staying optimistic is important. Anything can happen. Quick, make a new video, quick, re-record this part. Trying to create a world in a different way and sonically."

Near the end of the video, Dua stated, "It was about experimenting and then thematically it was always about resilience." Along with the clip, she wrote in the caption of the post, "Let's take a deep dive shall weee, chapter one," adding a wave emoji.

Dua is slated to release "Radical Optimism" on May 3. The record will feature 11 songs, including "Houdini", which was unleashed in 2023, and "Training Season" that was dropped on February 15.

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