Ioan Gruffudd's Fiancee Accuses Unnamed Individual of Online Abuse in Deleted Post

In a new post following her MS awareness message, Bianca Wallace suggests she knows the person behind the relentless abuse she suffered online amid her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

AceShowbiz - Bianca Wallace, the Australian actress, has shared a social media post accusing an unidentified individual of trolling and abusing her online over her battle with multiple sclerosis and her relationship with Ioan Gruffudd.

Wallace, 31, claims that she has been subjected to hateful comments shortly after she and Gruffudd, 55, went public with their relationship in 2021. At the time, Gruffudd was still in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from his ex-wife, Alice Evans.

Wallace has not named the individual responsible for the alleged online harassment, but she has accused them of throwing abusive comments at "hundreds" of people over the past two decades.

"Reading the abuse that hundreds (if not thousands!) of you have faced over the past 20 years by the same person who is abusing us has been genuinely confronting and disturbing," Wallace penned in the post which has since removed.

"We can clearly see from you all by your comments and messages that what has happened to us and our families is not new, and definitely not caused by a break up. It is very clear now that this has been happening for decades."

"We are truly devastated to learn how many of you have suffered over the past 20 years at this person's hands...," she added.

Bianca Wallace accuses a person of online bullying

Bianca Wallace accuses a person of online bullying

Bianca Wallace previously marked MS Awareness month by sharing her story of receiving hundreds of vicious comments wishing her physical harm amid her health struggle after she went public with Ioan Gruffudd.

"We have to do better," Wallace wrote. "A chronic illness diagnosis is huge and it takes serious work to come to terms with."

The harassment Wallace experienced came after she was accused by Evans of having affair with Gruffudd. "I received hundreds of messages of hate saying they hope the MS kills me, that I should kill myself, that my family should be ashamed to be linked to me…," she said.

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