Patrick Mahomes Deletes Tweets About Diddy Amidst Disturbing Allegations Against Rapper
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Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes is making headlines for distancing himself from Diddy amidst a heap of troubling allegations levelled against the hip-hop star.

AceShowbiz - In recent days, Patrick Mahomes has found himself at the center of attention on social media, not for his football prowess, but for his association with rap icon P. Diddy. The star quarterback has raised eyebrows by deleting tweets mentioning Diddy, sparking speculation about his reasons for doing so.

These tweets, dating back to 2014 when Mahomes was a freshman at Texas Tech, include innocent messages like wishing Diddy a happy birthday and cheering him on at an NBA All-Star Game performance.

Patrick Mahomes removes P. Diddy tweet

Patrick Mahomes removes P. Diddy tweet

The timing of Mahomes' social media purge coincides with Diddy's troubling legal woes, including allegations of sex trafficking, soliciting illegal narcotics, and firearms distribution. With Diddy's properties under investigation by federal authorities, Mahomes seems to be distancing himself from the rapper to avoid any potential controversy or association with the ongoing scandal.

While some may question Mahomes' motives for deleting these decade-old posts, it's clear that he wants to be cautious about his public image and associations. As the face of the Kansas City Chiefs and a role model for many young fans, Mahomes is mindful of the impact his actions can have on his reputation and career.

In the midst of this social media scrutiny, Mahomes found a lighter moment to poke fun at his coach, Andy Reid, during MLB's Opening Day. As Reid made a ceremonial first pitch appearance at a Kansas City Royals game, Mahomes couldn't resist joking about his performance. The lighthearted interaction showcased Mahomes' playful personality and ability to balance the pressures of fame with moments of levity.

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