Kim Zolciak's Ex Demands Her to Disclose Gambling, Plastic Surgery Expenses and Gifts From Lovers

Kroy Biermann files a motion to force his estranged wife to divulge the money spend on her gambling and plastic surgeries as well as any gifts she received from others.

AceShowbiz - As their bitter divorce escalates, Kroy Biermann has filed court documents demanding answers from Kim Zolciak regarding her alleged gambling losses and plastic surgery procedures.

According to court documents obtained by, Biermann has requested the court's assistance in compelling Zolciak to provide information about her trips, financial gifts, and physical altercations.

Specifically, Biermann wants Zolciak to disclose all business and personal trips she has taken since January 1, 2022, including specific dates, locations, companions, purposes, and funding sources. He also asks for details about her gifts from individuals other than her spouse, exceeding $100, including any money spent on intimate relationships.

Furthermore, Biermann requests a list of all occasions where Zolciak allegedly engaged in physical altercations with him, including the date, action, and whether their children were present.

Biermann has also asked Zolciak to disclose her gambling expenses over the past 12 months, including online gambling, casinos, lottery tickets, and other games of chance.

In addition, Biermann has demanded Zolciak provide information about all plastic surgery procedures she has undergone since December 2020, including dates, types, and costs.

Zolciak has yet to respond to Biermann's requests.

The couple, who have four minor children, have been facing financial difficulties, including lawsuits for unpaid bills and a tax lien. Despite the ongoing divorce proceedings, they reportedly continue to live under the same roof.

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