Jessica Chastain Explains Why She 'Hid' From 'Memory' Co-Stars During Production
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In an interview about a method approach she used during filming, the actress of the new drama movie elaborates how she treated her co-stars, including Peter Sarsgaard, on the set.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Chastain didn't speak to her co-stars on the set of "Memory". The 46-year-old actress has revealed that she "hid" from her co-stars, including Peter Sarsgaard, while shooting the new drama movie.

Jessica, who used a method approach in order to bring her character's emotions to the fore, told Sky News, "Peter and I didn't really talk on set. We would say good morning to each other, but I kind of hid from everyone. And then we got to know each other as the characters in chronological order. So, every time we would get to set and speak, I was looking at him, not knowing how he felt about me, not knowing if he liked me, not knowing if the sound of my voice annoyed him."

"Just these normal things that we think about someone else, I was experiencing as Sylvia because I was allowing myself to not be liked," she continued. "Sometimes you feel like you need to woo someone when the cameras aren't rolling, so they'll like you. And I was willing to be OK if he didn't like me, to find out how the characters would interact."

Jessica adopted the same approach towards Brooke Timber, who played her on-screen daughter. The Hollywood star shared, "I hung out with her, I had a lunch with her, but at the same time I kept her this little bit at arm's length because Sylvia would have acted like that. And I allowed that to create a little bit of an unknowing and a tension between us. Sylvia never had an example of what good mothering would be. So, she doesn't really know how to communicate, and to solve a problem she buys an iPhone for her daughter… I really was discovering a whole new way of mother-daughter dynamic in this film."

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