Emily Blunt Feels 'Peaceful' Since Turning 41
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The 'A Quiet Place' actress, who celebrated her birthday on February 23, shares her positive outlook on being another year older as she says she feels 'lighter than air.'

AceShowbiz - Emily Blunt feels "lighter than air" after turning 41. The Hollywood star has revealed that she's feeling "happy" and "peaceful" after turning 41 on Friday, February 23. The actress, who is married to movie star John Krasinski, told PEOPLE, "I feel like I've been lighter than air the last couple of weeks. I feel so happy. I don't know if I've had much time to let it sink in. I feel very happy, like peaceful, happy."

Robert Downey Jr., Emily's "Oppenheimer" co-star, has also heaped praise on the actress, hailing Emily's "optimist" outlook. Speaking about his London-born co-star, he said, "Blunt is one of the most naturally disposed to being an optimist, while being real about things. And also it's really weird, because you don't see a lot of Brit in her. I'm not saying because you're so cool, but you have an equanimity and a balance - you almost never talk smack about anyone."

Despite her success, Emily actually struggled with stuttering as a child. And the actress recently revealed that she would love to make a movie "about a stutterer." She told BBC Radio Four's "Woman's Hour", "The emotional trauma of living with the inability to speak will limit you in ways, that are for someone who speaks fluently, pretty unimaginable. There's so much shame about it."

Emily believes there's still a lot of misinformation that surrounds the condition. The actress, who has been married to John since 2010, shared, "There's so much shame about it because there's not enough information. It's neurological. People really deem it psychological. So you're sort of deemed off-putting or unconvincing in order to get a job, or anything like that."

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