Camila Cabello Dishes on How Her Music and Fashion Influence Each Other

The Fifth Harmony alum explains the connection between her music and how she dresses while divulging that she has fallen in love with the vibrant 'Y2K styles.'

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello's fashion sense is influenced by music. The 26-year-old singer - who found fame as a teenager as part of Fifth Harmony - believes there's a strong link between her music and her fashion choices.

"I think I just really fell in love with new things in all these different areas, especially fashion. My fashion language just arose for the period in my life that I'm in. I think the music influences how I dress and how I dress kind of feeds back into the music," Camila - who is set to release a new album later this year - told PUSS PUSS magazine.

Camila admitted that she's recently become particularly fond of "Y2K styles." She said, "I think what's been lighting me up is, I don't know, some grunge, some Y2K styles. I also discovered Dover Street Market, and that was a big game changer for me, seeing more kinds of weird out of the states fashion brands. It's just something I was never around when I was younger."

Meanwhile, Camila previously admitted that she's become "obsessed" with beauty. The chart-topping star used to consider the beauty industry to be "frivolous" - but her attitude has evolved over recent years.

Camila told PEOPLE, "It's really evolved so much. I feel like when I was younger and I started working, beauty was just the last thing on my mind. Being in an immigrant family ... it felt frivolous to me. Now I'm like, 'No, it's actually just an expression of joy and what it means to be alive.' I'm obsessed with beauty now. It's just so fun."

Camila's style has also been heavily influenced by her mom, Sinuhe. The singer said, "She will be like, 'Your whole vibe is amazing, but you got to fix that part.' For her, it's always been [about how] looking your best really makes you feel more confident. It's not some frivolous, shallow thing. It makes you feel better for you. It's true."

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