Wendy Williams' Guardian Sues Lifetime's Parent Company Ahead Bombshell Docuseries' Release

Meanwhile, the former daytime TV queen's niece Alex Finnie discusses the current contact dynamics between her family and the former host of 'The Wendy Williams Show'.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams' guardian files a lawsuit against A&E Television Networks, the parent company of Lifetime. While it's a sealed lawsuit, the lawsuit is highly likely about the network's forthcoming docuseries "Where Is Wendy Williams?" considering the timing.

According to TMZ, a woman named Sabrina Morrissey filed a sealed lawsuit against the company. She claims to be the temporary guardian of W.W.H., presumably Wendy Williams Hunter.

The news outlet reveals that Sabrina is seeking a temporary restraining order and it's usually used when someone wants a judge to halt the release of a movie or TV project. As the lawsuit arrives a few days before the release of "Where Is Wendy Williams?", the possibility is high though nothing is confirmed so far.

On other news related to Wendy, Wendy's niece Alex Finnie discussed the current contact dynamics between her family with the former host of "The Wendy Williams Show". "There were conversations early on in the beginning in terms of with the family and trying to, I guess, gather information to get a hold and a perspective on where she's at and what they need to know," she shared on "The View" on Thursday, February 22.

"And my mom actually says it in the [Lifetime] documentary, she says it, and all of a sudden there was just this wall that went down and the family was blocked out. It was April of 2022 and the contact from that point on has been so limited," she continued.

According to Alex, Wendy, who is recently revealed to have been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, is required to call her family members from a blocked phone number which made it impossible for the family to contact her first. "And I say this honestly, we went through birthdays, we went through the holidays, we went through illness," Alex added. "There was a period when my grandfather was in the hospital - there was no way to contact her and let her know what was going on with her 93-year-old father."

"Where Is Wendy Williams?" is set to premiere on Saturday, February 24 at 8 P.M. before concluding the next day at the same time on Lifetime.

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