Wendy Williams' Family Says She's in Unnamed Facility to Treat Cognitive Issues

The former TV host's sister Wanda and niece Alex Finnie talk about the mystery surrounding her whereabouts as she's dealing with alcoholism and health issues.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams' family spoke out about her situation ahead of the release of Lifetime docuseries "Where Is Wendy Williams?". The former TV host's niece Alex Finnie talked about the mystery surrounding her whereabouts as she's dealing with alcoholism.

"We've all seen the images over the last few months - and, really, few years - of what has seemed like a spiral for my aunt," Alex told PEOPLE magazine in this week's cover story which was published Wednesday, February 21. "It was shocking and heartbreaking to see her in this state."

The radio personality's sister Wanda Finnie additionally revealed in the new interview that Wendy is in an unnamed facility to treat cognitive issues. "I spoke with her yesterday and I speak with her very regularly when she reaches out to me," Wanda shared. "She is, from what I understand, in a wellness, healing type of environment."

"The people who love her cannot see her," Wanda told the publication. "I think the big is: How the hell did we get here?" Finnie added, "We cannot reach out to her, but she can reach out to us. And she is in a healing place emotionally. She's not the person you see in this film."

Of the upcoming documentary "Where Is Wendy Williams?", Alex, who served as an executive producer, noted that she's proud of Wendy "for taking control of her narrative, because my aunt has always been such a public person and has been an open book." She continued, "We've all seen the images over the last few months and really few years of what has been like a spiral … So for her to actually put her voice in here and take ownership of what's happened, where she's at present day … I think it's powerful."

"I don't know what is working, but I do know that when she did reach out to me, it was a person who is remarkably different than what we see in that documentary," Wanda added. Alex further divulged, "She sounds really great. To hear my aunt now in terms of just how clear she is, just how focused she is on the importance of family and the reality in terms of facing and understanding where she's at physically and mentally and emotionally, it is like a 180."

"Where Is Wendy Williams?" is set to air on Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25, at 8 P.M. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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