Jennifer Lopez Spills Details of Intimacy With Ben Affleck on 'Greatest Love Story Never Told'
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The 'If You Had My Love' hitmaker gets raunchy about being intimate with her actor husband on the track, which is featured in her ninth studio album 'This Is Me... Now'.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez did not shy away from giving an insight into her sex life with Ben Affleck. On one of her newly-released songs, the "If You Had My Love" hitmaker spills the details of her intimacy with her actor husband.

On her single titled "Greatest Love Story Never Told", the 54-year-old pop star sings, "Different roads, two lost souls/ Never thought we'd find our way back/ Could've lost what matters most/ How could I live with that?/ Missing your body climbing on top of me, slippin' inside of me/ Way that I ride it, bodies aligning, look at our timing/ Forget about the world when we're alone/ Only thing that ever felt, felt like home."

Jennifer continues, "Twenty years ago, feels like time has froze/ We're living in the greatest love story ever told/ We never let it go and never told a soul/ We could've been the greatest love story never told."

The "On the Floor" songstress adds, "You take a little right down the middle, so close, they can't divide/ It's destiny how we found each other twice in one lifetime/ I tried life without ya, been thinkin' 'bout ya, you don't know how long/ And we got so much time left, this time, we won't let go."

Jennifer unleashed "Greatest Love Story Never Told" along with other songs, which all are featured in her latest album titled "This Is Me... Now", on Friday, February 16. Aside from the track, the set includes "Midnight Trip to Vegas", "This Time Around", "Broken Like Me", "Hearts and Flowers" and "Dear Ben Pt. II". It also features "Can't Get Enough", which she dropped earlier in January.

On "Dear Ben Pt. II", Jennifer shares how Ben makes her feel. On the track, she sings, "You showed me what it is/ You showed me what I need/ I was missing a part/ You was the missing piece/ And we see eye to eye/ And we don't gotta speak/ Even miles apart/ We're never out of reach."

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