Blueface's Side Chick Bonnie Gets Tattoo of His Face on Derriere After Chrisean's Face Tattoo

Seemingly to challenge Chrisean Rock's tattoo tribute to her baby daddy on her face, the rapper's other girlfriend Bonnie Lashay gets the rapper's mugshot inked on her backside.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock isn't the only one who has professed her love to Blueface in an extreme way. After the mother of one set the bar high with a face tattoo of the rapper, his alleged side chick Bonnie Lashay has debuted her own Blueface mugshot tattoo on a more discreet location.

On Wednesday, January 31, Bonnie took to her Instagram page to share videos of her getting inked on her backside. In the clips, she was seen lying down with her pants pulled down while a tattoo artist was working on the ink on her butt.

In the caption of one of the posts, Bonnie wrote, "Got His Face Tatted Where He Love To Put His Face At. I Love blue Soo Much A&F. Should I Do His Face On My Face Next ???" She captioned another video, "Me & Blue Forever."

In the comments, Bonnie claimed, "@chrisean stole my idea!! she thought she was one uping me!!!" She went on declaring her loyalty to the 27-year-old artist, writing, "Blue Loves Me He's upset with me rn but i'm not going no where!! and this proves that!!!!"

Bonnie got the new tattoo just a few days after Chrisean debuted her own tattoo of Blueface on her face. On Sunday, the 23-year-old took to Instagram to share a clip of her getting the new tattoo. In the video, she was seen sitting down while getting the portrait of the rapper inked on the face before she showed the complete piece.

The reference photo is from his mugshot which was taken just a few weeks ago. The huge tattoo sits right next another of one of Chrisean's Blueface tribute tattoos. The older one, which sits just above her eyebrow, boasts his birth name in bold cursive letters.

Chrisean received mostly negative reactions to her new tattoo, with many seemingly unfollowing her after she showed off the face tattoo. As noted by TMZ, her follower number dropped from 5.3 million to 5.1 million within a day.

Blueface's mom Karlissa Saffold has also weighed in on Chrisean's tattoo. She told the news outlet it looks "absolutely f***ng crazy." She added, "I really hope that it's fake because I don't want to feel like my son owes her, like he did for the other seven tattoos."

Lakimii Tattoo Shop, where Chrisean got the ink done, has confirmed that the tattoo is real. While they normally have a policy against needling up someone's face, the owner told TMZ they made an exception for the "Baddies" star.

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