Rick Ross Dragged for Bringing Up Ex Tia Kemp's Mother Amid Online Back-and-Forth

The 'Aston Martin Music' rapper found himself being dragged by social media users after he brought up Tia 's mom during his rant after his attorneys sent her a cease-and-desist letter.

AceShowbiz - Rick Ross' attempt to embarrass his ex and baby mama, Tia Kemp, has backfired. The "Aston Martin Music" rapper found himself being dragged by social media users after he brought up Tia's mom during his rant.

In a video shared on Monday, January 22, Rozay filmed himself smoking a blunt and said, "Tia's sister Ebony, she told me about that botched surgery." He added, "But you going to get over it, you gonna heal. I ain't gonna lie, we laughed about it for a little while."

"Every time you get on TikTok, I know you see a new release from Tia. But listen, we all gotta imagine what she's going through," he continued. "Her mother, who's a 30-year recurring crack addict, she's back addicted. Tia's dealing with it."

In a sarcastic show of sympathy, Ross said because of this he would not "cut off Tia's Instagram account. He further argued, "Them hoes ain't going Live in the house. You can't speak a real n***a name if you ain't going Live in your house with the paint on the wall."

Many have weighing in on Rick's video. One in particular wrote, "Rick Ross shows me everyday how corny he really is smh." Another argued, "Let me try to understand.. You send her a cease and desist letter but then go live to talk about her mother?!? Whatever she said was true!!!"

A third added, "Oh, she struck a nerve for sure." A fourth stated, "She isn't lying on him! Look at him talking about her moma! 50cent said he a punk if it wasn’t true he would laugh it off ignore her she has receipts! Come thru lady."

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