Rick Ross Allegedly Featured on Diddy's 'Freak-Off' Tapes
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It's Rozay's ex and baby mama Tia Kemp who makes the shocking allegations about the 'Aston Martin Music' rapper's relationship with his fellow hip-hop star in an online rant.

AceShowbiz - Rick Ross might be part of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' kinky parties. If his ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp is to be trusted, Rozay may be featured in the embattled rapper's purportedly secretly filmed "freak-off" sessions.

Tia, who shares a child with the "Purple Lamborghini" rhymer, made the shocking allegations against her ex in an Instagram video. She launched an online rant as she was mad because The Boss did not reach out to her to help coordinate their son's prom night.

"I want you to talk. Don't be scared now! No Diddy. You scared now, huh?" she said in a video. "I know you on them tapes. Freaky b***h. I know you is. 10 children having muthaf**ka. I ain't gonna let off you … What you quiet for?" she taunted.

Tia added, "Nobody wants to see your Louis [Vuitton] outfits and sneakers, b***h. Nobody don't don't care to see the jets no more. You running out of h*es now. Go over there and give Diddy a hug. Go ride the bike with him, you fat b***h."

This isn't the first time Tia made a rant against her former partner. In March, she claimed that the 48-year-old rapper has a secret child that looks like Drake. "You oughta rap about your muthaf**kin' children you around here hiding," she said in response to Rozay dissing her on Future and Metro Boomin's song "Everyday Hustle". "I want to see my stepson that look like Drake."

"You been doing that s**t since our baby was five," she claimed. "For 20 f**king years you played games […] Rap at me on another song, I'm coming to that f**king gate with them double R's on."

Rick had previously issued a cease and desist order against Tia to stop her making "false and defamatory" statements about him and his family. The former model, however, was adamant as she responded, "Sent me a cease and desist. I ain't lying. It's the truth. How you gonna sue me for defamation? Sue 50 Cent then. Don't beef with me."

In other news related to Diddy, his accuser Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones has claimed that he has a recording of the hip-hop mogul admitting to his crimes. "He shared how he would get things by force," Lil Rod explained.

He detailed, "This included record deals, signatures on contracts, sex acts from women and men, as well as the women of his enemies. He bragged about departed attorney Johnny Cochran's savvy legal skills and ability to pay off the witnesses through private investigators and other third parties."

The music producer is suing the Bad Boy Records founder for alleged sexual assault and allegedly engaging in a "massive" cover-up of their involvement in the shooting of a 30-year-old man in September 2022.

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