Erica Banks Shuts Down Former 1501 Exec's Claim That Nicki Minaj Declined to Collab With Her
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The 25-year-old Texas raptress sets the record straight after former 1501 Certified Entertainment executive Kai 'Verse' Tyler claimed Nicki refused to work with the former on 'Ain't Got Time'.

AceShowbiz - Erica Banks isn't here for false claims. After former 1501 Certified Entertainment executive Kai "Verse" Tyler said Nicki Minaj declined to collaborate with her on the song "Ain't Got Time", Erica told The Shade Room that his statement was far from the truth.

When speaking to the outlet, the 25-year-old said she has never communicated with the Harajuku Barbie personally or with anyone from her team. "No. The only interaction I & Nicki have had lately is her liking my tweet yesterday of my freestyle to her song," she said, referring to her freestyle over Nicki's track "Everybody".

Erica also clarified Kai's comment about her performing at SXSW. "He's never booked me for anything. If we're speaking about real bookings where I get 'paid.' My manager is the only person who's ever brought in bookings," she declared.

Erica went on to note that "Kai never had a 'role' in regards to me." She added, "He was just somebody Carl hired thinking he was gonna bring things to the table for the label, and he brought nothing but lies and drama, which is why Carl fired him."

Erica also slammed Kai in an Instagram comment underneath The Neighborhood Talk's post. "B***h stop lying through them buckaroo a** teeth. All you do is lie, that's how you LOST your position at 1501, 90 days in," she fumed. "They don't even respect you in Atlanta because you are a JOKE b***h, you been mentioning my name and down talking me since you met me and it still hasn't done anything for you. Pull my d**k outta your mouth for a second."

Kai brought up his claim during an Instagram Live. "She wanted to get Nicki Minaj on her record 'Ain't Got Time'. This why she calls me a liar. She calls me a liar because during the Zoom calls, I said I'd reach out to Nicki's people. Which I did - me and her husband cool," he stated.

"I reached out to them and Nicki was like, 'I'm not f**king with them. She dissed me two years ago.' Nicki from Queens so she's not gonna double back and f**k around. It's unfortunate," he added. "Not only that, you upset with me like you know me or like me - [Erica Banks] doesn't know me personally."

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