Chrisean Rock Screams for a Man's Life in Scary Footage of Pistol-Whipping Incident

After a video of the incident that unfolded on the set of dating show '20 vs. 1' surfaces online, the victim blames YouTuber Noluvmar for allegedly starting the attack.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock just can't stay away from drama. When she's not beefing with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Blueface who is currently in jail, she was involved in a terrifying incident that left a man injured.

On Tuesday, January 16, the raptress was filming YouTube's series "20 vs. 1" in Atlanta when an altercation ensued on the set. Footage from the incident has now surfaced online, showing a man in black who snatched a camera and tried to run away with it.

When another man wearing a purple jacket fought back, he was beaten up by another man, who looked bigger than him. As things escalated, others on the set ran for safety, but they were heard screaming in fear. "Hey, hey! No, no, no, no!" Chrisean shouted.

Another man wearing a black beanie then entered the scene, holding what looked like guns, one in each of his hands. That's when Chrisean was heard warning the man in purple jacket, telling him to run away because "he's got a gun."

As the man in purple jacket collected his belongings that were scattered on the floor, the bigger man was bending down to pull something from his shoe. He used the stuff, seemingly a pistol, to whip the victim before he put it back in his shoe.

Following the incident, Chrisean went live on Instagram. "This is probably like the last time I'm ever doing '20 vs. 1'," she said while still on the set. She showed the victim who was bleeding from his nose. "N***as came here with guns, bro," she claimed.

In another video, the "Baddies" star said that the men holding guns didn't target her, but they pointed the guns at another man on the set. Still, she admitted, "That was crazy."

Meanwhile, a man named Sean Artest, who runs a casting agency, alleged that YouTuber Noluvmar initiated the attack. He claimed that Noluvmar came with the armed men to steal footage of the popular speed-dating show because he wanted to be the first to release the episode starring Chrisean.

"Nearly lost my life today While at the filming of a @chrisean YouTube episode," Sean wrote on his Instagram page. "A Competing YouTuber @noluvmar & inmotioncastinggg @jzsaniii aniii decided to bring his entire staff to the shoot and start a fight with the goal of stealing the cameras and footage. Trying to defend everyone there and stop them from stealing our equipment i got into a fight and guns were drawn on me, leading to me getting pistol whipped."

He continued, "Mostly everyone involved will be in custody soon enough as they have them on camera the entire time and have everyone's name . But law suits will be filed and charges have been pressed."

On how he handles it in the aftermath of the situation, Sean said, "Ima be straight yall most likely not gonna answer the phone for a few days. But when you just tryna focus and elevate yourself. The devil does something to try to throw you off. Im gonna try to handle this situation as professionally as possible, but it is a very unfortunate situation."

He went on warning, "Non the less Do NOT work with those people," before apologizing to Chrisean for the traumatizing experience. "Thanks @chrisean for the opportunity to work with you, sorry it had to end this way," he concluded.

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