Aaron Rodgers Breaks Silence on Jimmy Kimmel Feud, Refuses to Apologize for Epstein List Claims
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The New York Jets player insists he's not 'stupid enough' to make an allegation of pedophilia against the comedian without any evidence, claiming that the media try to 'cancel' him.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Rodgers has finally addressed his controversial remarks about Jimmy Kimmel. Returning to "The Pat McAfee Show" on Tuesday, January 9, the NFL star did not apologize to the comedian as he doubled down on his previous comments.

During his latest weekly appearance on the YouTube show, Rodgers said he never accused Kimmel of being a pedophile. "I said, that a lot of people, and I'm quoting myself here, 'a lot of people - including Jimmy Kimmel - are really hoping that [list] doesn't come out,' end quotes, that's what I said," he stressed.

The 40-year-old tried to clarify, "I was referring to the fact that if there is a list - which again, this hasn't come out yet, this was just a deposition - and there are names on it, then that would be the second time that a soft brain, junior college student, you know, wacko anti-vax, anti-Semite, purveyor, spreading misinformation, conspiracy theorists, MAGA - whatever other things have been said by him and other people in the media - would be right twice."

Rodgers acknowledged "how serious an allegation of pedophilia would be for [Kimmel] to get upset at," adding, "So, for him to be upset about that, I get it." He went on stating, "I'm not stupid enough to accuse you of that with absolutely zero evidence..."

Pivoting the issue to the actual names on the Jeffrey Epstein list, the quarterback said, "I'm glad you're not on the list because those who are on the list - and this what I think we can agree on - that at minimum there should be an inquiry into their involvement, especially if they went to the island. And at maximum, there should be an investigation."

Claiming that the media are trying to cancel him, he said, "This is the gameplan of the media, this is what they do. They try and cancel … it's not just me." He also expressed his wish to put the issue "to bed, to move forward."

Seemingly trying to call a truce with Kimmel, Rodgers said, "I wish him the best. I don't give a s**t what he says about me. As long as he understands what I actually said, that I'm not accusing him of being on a list and I'm all for moving forward." He added, "I'm glad that Jimmy is not on the list. I really am."

Agreeing with Rodgers, McAfee said of Kimmel, "Pumped you're not on that list. Because obviously, we've all been Jimmy fans since way back. Way back." However, the sports analyst insinuated that Kimmel was being too much with a lengthy rant in his Monday monologue, calling it a "diatribe."

Rodgers broke his silence on his beef with Kimmel after the latter called out the athlete once again on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night. "I don't know Jeffrey Epstein, I've never met Jeffrey Epstein, I'm not on a list, I was not on a plane, not on an island, or anything ever," he insisted.

Calling the New York Jets player "arrogant," the comedian said Rodgers should apologize, which he would accept, because it "is what Aaron Rodgers should do. Which is what a decent person would do." He added, "But I bet he won't. I'll accept his apology and move on -- but I bet he won't do that."

"This hamster-brained man thinks he knows what the government is up to because he's a quarterback doing research on YouTube and listening to podcasts," Kimmel quipped. "Aaron Rodgers is too arrogant to know how ignorant he is. They let him host 'Jeopardy!' for two weeks, and now he knows everything."

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