Priscilla Presley's Son Credits Her for Helping Him 'Do Everything' During Deadly Addiction

When talking about his addiction with a painkiller that nearly cost him his life, Navarone Garcia candidly shares that he spent $3,000 a month on deadly drug fentanyl.

AceShowbiz - Priscilla Presley's son Navarone Garcia spent $3,000 a month on deadly drug fentanyl at the height of his addiction. The 36-year-old musician has opened up about his battle with the painkiller which nearly cost him his life, crediting his mum for saving him but taking him in and giving him a place to recover from the habit.

Navarone, whose dad is Priscilla's ex movie producer Marco Garibaldi, told The Sun newspaper, "I don't recommend it to anyone because its very lethal. If you don't have any tolerance you die the first time you do it. So it's a scary, scary thing. I went to my mum's house for about three weeks to a month recovering from my problem. My mum helped me. I was indisposed, I was useless. She helped me do everything."

He added of his addiction, "I don't know how this happened but all the heroin in the United States started to contain fentanyl. So I didn't even realise I was doing fentanyl. So suddenly I was addicted to fentanyl. With heroin it would last about six to eight hours, but with fentanyl you have to do it every 45 minutes or else you start to get sick. So it got to a point where it was very expensive. I was spending $3,000 a month on fentanyl. It was unbearable."

Priscilla dated Navarone's father Marco from 1984 until 2006, when they split shortly before their son's 18th birthday and he insists he was on good terms with his half-sister Lisa Marie Presley, from his mum's marriage to Elvis Presley, who also battled drug addiction before her death in 2023 aged 54.

He admitted he had a rocky relationship with his sibling, but he really did love her. He added, "I really did love my sister and I tried many times to have a better relationship with her. But it got to a point that I realised we got on better if we just didn’t see each other."

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