Adam Driver Opens Up About His Desire for 'Some Kind of Structure' in His Life

The 'Ferrari' actor can easily relate to Enzo Ferrari whom he plays in the Michael Mann-directed biopic because he is a 'creature of habit' just like the famed car maker.

AceShowbiz - Adam Driver longs for "some kind of structure" in his life. The 40-year-old actor - who shares two children with wife Joanne Tucker - plays Enzo Ferrari in his new movie "Ferrari" and he related to what he read in the car maker's diaries when doing his research because he is also a "creature of habit", which he believes is due to the "wild and inconsistent" nature of his career.

"To me, that was very telling about how paranoid he was, and how exacting he was with every little detail. He didn't want anyone to be able to recreate his signature," Adam told Empire magazine about the diaries, which were all written in purple ink.

"His life was very regimented and he was definitely a creature of habit, which is something I relate to - maybe because acting is so wild and inconsistent that you crave some kind of structure."

Adam praised director Michael Mann for the forensic research he puts into his subjects. He said, "People are focusing on that part and then kind of forget about the emotion that he's after. All of Michael's notes are about internal life."

"He's not someone who's done all this research and has to prove it by every moment being 100 per cent historically accurate. The thing he's mostly pursuing is a feeling. There's a reason he's specific about it having to be this engine - you can't just recreate that feeling with anything. He's also very interested in the abstract."

Adam previously praised his wife - who he met at The Juilliard School in the early 2000s - for being a steadying influence and helping him "remain a normal person" amid the "Hollywood craziness." He has said, "She'll persuade me to go and see old friends, even if I'm not really feeling like it. Having a person like that in your life is far more important than a successful career."

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